7 Thoughtful Gifts To Get For Your Blogger Girlfriend On Val’s Day

Yesterday, I was surfing the net in search of blog post ideas for valentine. I saw a lot of articles already written on gift ideas, date night ideas and recipes for valentine.
Most of the gifts were regular gifts couples buy for each other; flowers, perfume, jewellery, clothes, cards and accessories.
When I was done surfing, I was overwhelmed with conflicting ideas that I didn’t know what to write on for this valentine.
Finally, a thought came in this morning! Do people give gifts on Valentine because they see it as a tradition they must obey?
I think gifts should be given out of thoughtfulness and love. You shouldn’t give gifts simply because others are doing so; give gifts that are useful to the receiver.
What gift would you get for your girlfriend if she is a blogger? Would you give her regular gifts that you used to give her before she started blogging? Or would you give her something that could improve her blogging?

  1. I’m sure it was a lot easier getting her gifts before she ventured into blogging but this year would be a lot different. You need to switch things up and get her something different. 
So, maybe you knew the perfect gift to get for her last year but now, things have changed drastically and you’re kinda lost in her blogging world.
If you’ve been interested in her work, I’m sure you would have picked up some keywords she uses often.
Words like HTML, SEO, Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Pinterest boards, Web hosting, Web design, WordPress theme, Blog design etc.
Okay! Sorry, I took you back to that crazy world. But, honestly, before you even think of getting her a gift, you need to know what her area of specialisation is.

Ask yourself these questions:
~ What kind of blogger is she? Is she a lifestyle blogger, travel blogger, fashion blogger, food blogger, relationship blogger or what?
~ What does she need to improve her blog? More traffic? A keyword planner? Blog idea generator? Advertising kit? Blogging kit, SEO package? What?
If you have answers to these questions, I bet you will have some suggestions in your head already. But, let me add my own ideas:
1. A Big Notebook:
Haha. I caught the surprise on your face. You’re probably thinking a notebook is too cheap; you really want to buy her something pretty expensive. Calm down! It’s all about being thoughtful. 
Personally, I would prefer a writing pad and a packet of pens to human hair. Yeah! A notebook is that useful. It’s really handy when you need to jot down some random ideas or goals that enter your head at odds time.

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2. Pay For Her Facebook/Google Ads:
Find out how much she needs for Facebook or Google ads and pay for them.
3. Buy Her A Blogging Software:
You could buy her a SEO software, Grammar correcting tool or a blog idea generator.

4. Pay For Her Two Months Data Subscription:

Bloggers use a lot of data everyday and it would be so nice if you could pay her subscription for some months.
5. Pay For Her Web hosting for One Year:
Is her hosting going to expire soon? Renew it for her for another year.

6. Buy Her A Profitable Blogging Course:
As bloggers we learn everyday and we love to learn. Find out a profitable course that can improve her blogging skills. 

7. Get Her A Blogging Calendar:

It’s quite challenging to keep all the blogging dates in one’s mind. Get her a blogging calendar to help keep her posts organized.

P.S: If your girlfriend is not a blogger, you could still get her some awesome gifts. You can give her gifts like lingerie, flowers, perfume, handbag, shoes, jewellery, make-up set, books, movies, dresses etc.
I wish you An Awesome Valentine!
Dear bloggers, what gift would you love to get on Valentine’s Day?

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