Question Of The Week: Does A Woman’s Breast Belong To Her Husband Or Her Babies?

Okay ! **clears throat* So, the other day, my boyfriend and I were talking about the future of our relationship and somehow we landed on the topic of ‘breastfeeding’. 
I was of the opinion that a baby should be breastfed for atleast 6 months with or without other supplementary food. To my surprise, he totally disagreed! 
He said 6 months was way too long for him to share my boobs with someone else. To him, 3 or 4 monthswas ideal! 

According to him, he was fair enough to even consider sharing the boobs with the babies because he was there before them. 

I just laughed it off but then a question came to mind and I decided to ask you.
Do you argue with your spouse over this same breastfeeding issue?
Have you ever talked about breastfeeding?
In your own opinion, who do you think a woman’s breast belongs to? Her husband or her babies?

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