14 Deadly Mistakes You Keep Making In Your Relationship And How To Avoid Them.

As humans we make a lot of mistakes everyday; in our jobs, our businesses and even our relationships. Deadly mistakes that we regret for a long time.

Sometimes, these mistakes are so deadly that they cost us a lot of pain and heartache.

We may never be able to undo these mistakes but we make up our minds never to allow them repeat themselves.

If you’ve ever made a mistake that almost or completely tore your relationship apart, then this post is for you.

If you keep ending up with broken relationships and you simply don’t know why, this post is absolutely meant for you.

Deadly mistakes you need to avoid in your relationship are:

#1 Not Saying Sorry When You Should:

The number one mistake people make in their relationship is refusing to say sorry when they should.

Often times, saying sorry is all we need to prevent our relationship from breaking apart. Practice saying sorry even when you are not at fault.

#2 Taking Your Partner For Granted:

Another huge mistake some people make is getting so familiar with their partners that they lose respect for them and start taking them for granted.

They speak to them in harsh tones, walk out on them during discussions, reveal their secrets to others and never consult them before making big decisions. The solution: Never take your partner for granted!

#3 Not Communicating Your Feelings:

Another big mistake people make in their relationships is refusing to communicate their feelings to their partners even when they should. They hide their grievances, pain and anger deep within their hearts.

They refuse to communicate how they feel until it becomes so unbearable and their feelings explode like bombs leaving their partners dumbfounded.

The solution: Always communicate how you feel!

#4 Always Lying or Concealing The Truth:

Lies never help any relationship! It may seem as if they have helped you get out of a situation but you end up saying more lies to save your head.

Learn to stop lying to your partner; no matter how painful it seems, just say the truth. The truth will always be a better option!

#5 Not Being Committed:

Another mistake some people make is going into relationships just for the fun of it or to see how it goes; without a commitment plan or relationship goals.

The next time you enter into a relationship, make it a goal to remain committed no matter what. Don’t plan to sit on the fence!

#6 Being Unfaithful:

A deadly mistake people make when they go into a relationship is being unfaithful to their partner.

Some people are unfaithful because of inability to trust or commit to one person. They hop or fly from one person to another to find whatever it is they are looking for.

Most times, they don’t seem to find it because even when they find it, they don’t realize that they have found what they want. Practice sticking to one partner for as long as you plan. It’s totally worth it.

#7 Not Talking About S*x:

Some couples undermine the need to talk about s*x or their s*x lives because they assume s*x is a topic that shouldn’t be talked about and must therefore be left alone.

If you never talk about your s*x life with your partner, your relationship is heading for the rocks.

You need to… No! You must talk about s*x if you want to have a long-lasting and committed relationship.

#8 Not Giving Your Partner Enough Attention:

Everyone loves attention! It’s what keeps us going despite all the hurdles we meet in life. Give your partner adequate attention, care and love even when she doesn’t deserve it.

Don’t neglect your partner up to the extent that she seeks attention from another man. Get to know her, understand her and spend time with her!

#9 Being Unappreciative:

Another deadly mistake people keep making in relationships is being unappreciative or ungrateful.

They forget to say “thank you” to their spouse because they aassume that what ever they do is done out of duty or compulsion.

No matter what someone does for you, don’t forget to say “Thank you” or “I’m grateful”. It pays to be appreciative!

#10 Giving Your Partner Too Much Space:

I know there are people out there who don’t like too much attention simply because they see it as a sign of clinginess. Your spouse could fall under this category.

Give him space but don’t abandon him! Determine how much space he needs and give it adequately.

Don’t be so dramatic and say “He needs some space, I’m gonna give him as much as he wants!” No! Be moderate in everything you do.

#11 Not Talking About Finances:

Finances or rather money has always being a major cause of marital breakups. This happens because most couples don’t see themselves as one.

They see themselves as two individuals who must continue to live differently and independently so as to avoid conflict in marriage.

But sometimes, conflict arises because you don’t talk about money with your spouse. Endeavour to discuss finance with your spouse.

If you must keep separate bank accounts, open a joint account for yourselves or the kids.

#12 Always Involving A 3rd Party:

This mistake is mostly made by women. Women are fond of involving 3rd parties into their relationship and marriage.

Every single thing that happens in their home is often discussed with a 3rd party who ends up given them wrong advice.

Avoid discussing every detail of your relationship with someone no matter how trustworthy he or she appears.

You don’t know who secretly wants to destroy your home because she doesn’t have a stable one as yours. Be wise as a fox and keep your relationship private!

#13 Talking Before Thinking:

Most people are guilty of this especially when they are angry or offended. They throw all caution to the wind and say whatever comes to their mind just to hurt the next person.

They know their spouse’s buttons and yet push it to see how far they can go with it. Watch your words; they can heal wounds or incur injuries to the listener. Be mindful of what you say!

#14 Being Insecure or Overly Suspicious:

Insecurity usually grows out of jealousy, suspicion and lack of trust in a relationship.

When you feel insecure, jealous or suspicious, it only creates problems for you and your partner.

Trust in your partner even when it sounds foolish to do so. Don’t look for errors where there are none.

These 14 deadly mistakes are the immediate causes of breakups. You may have heard of them before but if you haven’t, I’m glad I was the first to tell you.

If you want to have a strong and stable relationship, you need to take note of these points and avoid them.

Are there any other deadly mistakes we need to avoid in our relationship?