5 Genuine Reasons Why Listening is Important in Your Relationship

Why listening is important in your relationship

The art of listening is truly a gift that very few people have. Most people only learn how to talk but they never bother to master the art of listening. There are people who talk all day without stopping to listen to what someone else is saying.

Women are often guilty of not listening. They seem so busy with whatever they are doing that they just hear words, give nasty replies and then go back to their businesses.

Men are not exempted either but women are definitely the most guilty. It is no surprise to know that a large number of relationships fall apart due to lack of communication.

Let me give you an example of such a relationship:

Tracy and Steve was a magnetic and charming couple. Their friends envied them each time they saw them together. Whenever they were outdoors, they would hold hands, look into each other’s eyes and laugh out loudly.

They seemed so happy together. Everyone believed they were meant for each other. So, when they finally got married, it was no surprise; everyone expected it. In fact, they would have been perplexed if they didn’t settle down together.

Two years after the wedding, the marriage crumbled due to “irreconcilable differences’’. Of course, a lot of people were confused. They never expected it; the couple had looked very happy together.

After their divorce, a friend asked Tracy what had really happened; she simply said: “We never listened to each other”. That single sentence carried a lot of hidden messages.

It was then clear that they seemed so happy because they never really talked about major issues that mattered to them. No one cared enough to even listen!

They frequently chatted about insignificant things but they never talked or listened to each other. They were in a fantasized relationship where no one ever talked
about their experiences in life.

I don’t know if you are facing the same ordeal that Tracy and Sam faced. I don’t know where you are in your relationship now. But, I just want to say “Whatever you do, listen; just listen.” Listen to what someone else has to say.

Don’t just hear and be in haste to reply; listen to understand before you respond. Most times, that is just what our relationship needs!

The art of listening is an art that every couple needs to learn in order to move their relationship forward. Maybe you are asking “Why should I listen when I have a lot of things to say?”

Or why should I listen when my spouse is so boring and rarely has something meaningful to say?” I think you should listen because listening has many benefits, especially for your relationship.


I’m going to give you some reasons why listening is important in your relationship:

1. Listening Helps to Improve Your Communication

Women claim to listen to their spouse but what they are really doing is “hearing”. They hear the words that pour forth from their partner’s lips but somehow, they never truly understand those words.

How many times do you really listen to your partner’s words? Do you listen enough to detect his emotions? Can you tell when he is sad, happy, worried, anxious or in pain?

Many of us hear but fail to listen because we are so busy in our own world that we have no time to listen to someone’s crap. We have so much to say about ourselves and nothing else matters except what we have to say.

When you listen, you truly understand what your partner is saying and you know the right way to respond. When you listen, you truly get all the feelings your partner is trying to convey to you; you won’t need to guess or assume anymore. You would be sure because you’ve listened.

Listening improves our communication more than talking. It makes you understand yourself, and your partner better. Listening bridges the communication gap in your relationship.

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