7 Secrets Every Nigerian Lady Keeps From Her Man

Every Nigerian lady has a secret. Many secrets they never tell anyone. They hide them in the deepest part of their hearts for fear that people will see them as terrible women. 
They are afraid to speak up for fear that their partners will either leave them or never trust them again. Sometimes, the only person who knows about the secret is someone who is very close to them or someone who is also a partner in crime.
Some of the secrets ladies hide from men include:

Many Nigerian women are much older than they claim to be. You may never know the actual age of a lady from just her appearance. They often decrease their age so as to achieve some important goals such as marriage, job, or other goals that require a certain age grade. 
They go as far as forging a birth certificate to show as proof of their birthday. Most times, the only people who know their real age are their family members and close friends.

Every Nigerian woman keeps this special information to herself. Well, you don’t expect them to go around announcing the number of men they’ve actually slept with. 

If they are asked, they either decrease or increase the number; it depends on what they want to hide. The women who decrease the number of men they’ve slept with, do this because they don’t want to be seen as sluts or nymphomaniacs. 

If a lady comes out and says she has slept with 20 men this year, I’m sure everyone around her will be alarmed. The women who increase the number of men they’ve slept with, do this because they don’t want to be seen as naïve or inexperienced women. 

So, even if they are virgins, they would claim to have slept with at least 2 or 3 people so that they would be seen as being sexually active and experienced.
No sane Nigerian lady would like to admit that she has ever had an abortion. Of course, that is a secret they want to remain buried forever because they are not proud of it. The few ladies who actually admit that they have had an abortion never really say the actual number of times they had it. 

If a lady tells you she has had 5 abortions, would you still go ahead and marry her? I doubt it! You would conclude immediately that her womb is already damaged and won’t be of any use in “motherhood town”.

Some Nigerian women never tell the real paternity of their children especially the first child. They convince their husbands that the children living in his house are really his but they themselves know the truth. 
Most women hide this because they don’t want to be disgraced or even thrown out of the house. How many men would agree to raise up kids that aren’t his especially if he didn’t adopt them? 

Sometimes, due to desperation or frustration, a woman could get impregnated by another man and she would pretend as if her husband is the real father of her children. Only a woman knows the paternity of all her kids; she even knows the time and place they were conceived. Creepy right? 

When a Nigerian couple weds, everyone assumes they are getting married because of love but it is not always the case. Every woman has a reason or two for getting married. These reasons could include financial stability, exchange between two families, pregnancy, pressure from their family, age factor or any other reason. 
The reasons are only known to a woman and sometimes her husband or family members; everyone else is left to assume, speculate, conclude and face their businesses. 
Not all Nigerian women would boldly state their sexual fantasies; they don’t want to be addressed as wayward women. So, it’s better if a lady keeps her sexual fantasies to herself and takes only what her husband knows how to give. 

If she yearns for cunnilingus, she can’t say it because her husband would start binding and casting all the sexual demons out of her. For Christian women, it is a lot worse. I saw a write-up sometime online that said “Is it right for a Christian wife to say things like: ” harder, faster, give it to me, fuck that pussy etc during sex?” 

And the reply was: Not right… Instead say things like “Hasten, Come unto me faster, Harken to my pleas of heightened excitement.” **laughs**
Every Christian woman would have to hide her sexual fantasies so as to be seen as a follower of Christ and not the Devil. God forbid if she even dreams of having a threesome or making love at the back of a car on their anniversary.
No woman ever forgets her first love no matter how much time passes; he would always have a special place in her heart. Of course, she can’t tell her husband this; it’s her secret. 
She can’t risk being thrown out of her marriage because she mentioned her first love or because she still misses him badly. Even if she doesn’t yearn for him, it doesn’t seem right mentioning him when her husband is around; he could interpret it wrongly. 
She won’t tell him how she checks on her ex on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or how jealous she felt when she heard he had relocated to Canada with his wife and adorable kids.
It’s best to just stash all the memories of one’s first love into a deep black box, lock it tightly and occasionally peep through it just to remind you of what you once had.

There are many things women really do not want men to know about them unless they have the guts to open up and spill some deep secrets. It doesn’t matter whether they are married or single, all women keep atleast 4 out of these secrets; they just don’t tell.

Most men feel they know their women like a book but is that really true?

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