Naughty Friday: 5 Tips To Get Regular Blow Jobs

Every sane man loves getting head. Maybe even insane men enjoy it too. Some men prefer getting head to having several rounds of sex. But, unfortunately, not all men are lucky enough to get blow jobs as often as they want.

If you want to get regular blowjobs from your girlfriend or any girl at all, grab these awesome tips:


This is definitely the most important tip; always keep it clean and neat down there. I know some guys don’t like being bald in the lower region but at least make it presentable.

No girl would enjoy chewing pubic hair in the name of satisfying a man. That is so gross. So, if you know you like cultivating forests in the garden below, please try and trim it as low as possible.

You know how you love eating a fresh and clean pussy? It’s exactly the same thing for girls! When it’s low and fresh, a girl would easily visit the area whenever you want.


If it’s shaven and clean but smells, don’t expect any one to put her nose or tongue on it. The way you find sweet fragrances appealing, it’s the same way for us.

Girls love guys who smell nice everywhere and I mean everywhere. Forget about the cliché saying that “a man’s natural smell is sexy”.

Odour is a huge turn-off for most people, these days. Change your underwear often, take regular showers and please get a good body spray or perfume.

When you smell like someone who works in a perfume factory, which girl won’t love to spend more time down there?


Some guys are shy of communicating their needs or wants to their babes. Deep inside, you know you want it but you don’t have the nerve to ask or you feel she would reject the idea.

All you have to do is ask in that gentle romantic tone we love to hear. Try something like “Baby, I would love it if you went down on me tonight” or “Baby, I really enjoyed the last time you went down on me”.

Girls like to know that their efforts are appreciated so tell her your mind. If she doesn’t agree the first time, keep trying but don’t appear forceful though. Give her sometime to make up her mind.


So, you love getting head but you don’t reciprocate the kind gesture? Where are you from? If you don’t go down on us as often as we want, we won’t give you what you want either.

It’s really a two-way traffic. If you want to get head often, get down on her too. If you make her cum every time you suck her, chances are that she would definitely reciprocate the act. Be generous.


This one is for guys who never involve in foreplay. Their method is to kiss a girl, fondle her nipples and the next thing you know they are inside her grunting loudly. Some don’t even bother at all, they just go in without foreplay.

Sex is an act that should be enjoyed mutually; it’s not a war to be won. Don’t be too hasty to dive in to moist land that you forget your girlfriend has needs too. Create time for foreplay and engage in it regularly.

When you have time for foreplay, there is a possibility that you will both have time to be spontaneous and to explore each other’s body.

Have you tried the 69? It’s magical!

These tips are definitely going to work if you put them into practice; just don’t appear too desperate or selfish. Try them whenever you can and tell me if it works for you.

 Have a cum-filled weekend **laughs**

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