Does Size Really Matter in a Relationship

I was talking with my girls the other day and somehow we landed into “guys gist”. One of us asked if size really mattered when you love a guy.

The gist bordered on which size was more satisfying and whether there was any difference in a right curved dick and a left curved one. How about the upward curved one?

Does it hit the G-spot better than the others? We debated the topic for several minutes and later jumped into another one.

3 inches. 5 inches. 10 inches. Left-curve. Upward curve. Right curve. Which size or shape is most satisfying? Does size really matter to a lady? Must a man be well-endowed before he can satisfy a woman in bed?

Some ladies swear that they can never date a guy who isn’t well-endowed while others don’t mind dating a man with a baby dick as long as they love the guy in question and he cares deeply for them.

A few ladies believe a bigger dick is more satisfying because according to them, it hits all the hidden erogenous corners. Who said small dicks don’t make ladies scream out in ecstasy or even pain?

I think it has to do with the owner of the joystick. Whether small or mighty, teeny or gigantic, right or left curved, if you handle it well, you can make any woman gloriously satisfied!!!

Ladies, would you prefer a man who has a small dick with unbeatable bedroom skills or a well-endowed man who doesn’t know how to handle a woman?

3 thoughts on “Does Size Really Matter in a Relationship

  1. Size doesn't matter but position and skill does. No matter how small, a right position will leave her screaming. Besides, sex for a woman doesn't revolve around thrusting.
    So for me, size doesn't matter even though there maybe preferences but, it doesn't effect the outcome, really!

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