17 Personality Traits of a Successful Person

personality traits of a successful person

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Do you know the personality traits of a successful person? Last year slowly came to an end and you’ve found yourself in another year which symbolizes new beginnings and new dreams. What am I even saying? This year is ending faster than we all anticipated.

I guess you’ve reflected on everything that happened to you last year; your goals and accomplishments were definitely on top of your list.

You are probably debating within you about the goals you set last year and the ones you were able to achieve and how far you went in your career or business.

Were you successful last year? Did you achieve everything you wanted to achieve? Did your wealth grow beyond your expectations? Well, how about this year? Are you where you want to be yet?

Most people think that success is mainly measured by the amount of wealth you have. I totally disagree! Success is measured in different ways and wealth is not necessarily one of the factors of measurement. Are you a successful person?


A successful person


Successful people…

1. Have a Sense of Gratitude: 

Being a successful person means you never forget the people who help you on the journey to success. You remember them, you appreciate them and show them how grateful you are.

A successful person knows the importance of saying “Thank You”. You are a successful person if you remember to show gratitude.

2. Compliment Other People:

Successful people compliment others without feeling jealous or resentful. They know who they are, what they want and where they are going.

As a successful person, you don’t feel you are in competition with anybody; you feel comfortable about yourself. You compliment others often because you don’t feel insecure about yourself.

3. Give People Due Credit for their victories:

A successful person learns how to give people credit for their victories and accomplishments. You recognize people who are hardworking and you give them credit for their efforts when due. A successful person doesn’t take credit for what he didn’t work for.

4. Read Every day:

Successful people never assume that they know it all. No matter how successful one becomes, he can never have all the knowledge in the world. A successful person knows that the world is changing and he has to be aware of what is going on around him. He reads every day to increase his knowledge and to entertain himself.

A successful person

5. Talk About Ideas:

A successful person always has ideas; no matter how irrelevant they seem. He thinks outside the box and shares his ideas with people who believe in him.

He loves talking about his ideas even if he hasn’t formulated a way to execute them. A successful person believes in himself even when others don’t. You are a successful person if you constantly think and share your ideas.

6. Share Information:

People who hoard information are considered to be unhappy and unsuccessful people. A successful person doesn’t hide information from others.

When he gets a piece of information, he verifies it and shares it with other people. He doesn’t feel threatened or insecure by sharing information with people; instead, he is happy to share.

7. Exude Joy and Confidence:

Confidence is a virtue that is possessed only by successful people. Insecure and unsuccessful people lack this virtue; they only know the word “fear”. A successful person, on the other hand, exudes joy and confidence; when you see him, he is filled with joy and confidence.

He knows what he wants and he goes for it without looking back. A successful person knows how to create his own happiness- he doesn’t depend on other people for his happiness.

8. Embrace Change:

Change is the only constant thing in our lives. As a successful person, you are not afraid of change; in fact, you look forward to change. If the change is positive, you embrace it without regret and even if the change is negative, you maintain a positive attitude while looking for ways to improve the situation.

9. Forgive Easily:

A successful person doesn’t hold grudges. He has other things with which to occupy his mind and malice-keeping is never on his list.

When someone offends him, he forgives the person and moves on with his life. You are a successful person if you have learnt how to let go of all the offences committed against you.

personality traits of a successful person

10. Take Responsibility for their Actions:

Unsuccessful people hide from their responsibilities; they hate being responsible for anything. But, a successful person loves taking responsibility; he is never afraid of owning up to his actions whether good or bad. He doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities either.

11. Want Others to Succeed:

A successful person is usually contented with where he is and is never bothered when people strive to succeed. He is never jealous of people who are trying to be successful; instead, he helps them succeed and celebrates with them when they achieve their goals.

12. Have a Passion for Something:

Successful people are often driven by a passion for something. They love doing something and they work hard at making it a success. They don’t waste their energy chasing other people’s dreams because they know what they love doing.

13. Set Goals and Develop Life Plans:

Successful people always set goals which they hope to achieve within a given time. They are always motivated to do something to improve their lives. They have a focus, they set goals, develop life plans and work towards achieving them. Successful people are ambitious and purpose-driven.

Go get success

14. Learn Continuously:

A successful person is like a river that never runs dry. He loves to learn from people whether young or old. He takes advice and correction given to him. A successful person often learns from his mistakes; he knows no man is an island. He constantly learns from others.

15. Maintain a Positive attitude:

Despite all the challenges that we face on a daily basis, successful people seem untouched by them. They experience problems too but somehow they find the courage to remain positive at all times.

Successful people are often resilient and patient; even when they fall, they get up and keep going.

16. Dream Big:

Successful people are not afraid to dream big. They dream so big that sometimes they sound unrealistic. Because of the big dreams they have, they start working hard towards manifesting their dreams. Successful people never stop dreaming BIG!

17. Have a Budget:

Most successful people set a budget for their finances. They usually draft a budget for themselves and they give an account of how much they spend daily on their needs. Successful people are rarely spend-thrift because they know how hard they work to grow their wealth.

If you do at least 8 out of the things mentioned above, then you can be considered a successful person. You don’t need to have millions of dollars in your bank account before you know that you are a SUCCESSFUL person.

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26 thoughts on “17 Personality Traits of a Successful Person

  1. Yes, those look like the traits of successful people. I have always done my best to do most, if not all of these and now as I have learned to believe in myself more, I try to employ the rest! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It's really nice that you've gradually adopted these traits as part of your lifestyle. The best gift you can give to yourself is "Believing In You". Keep it up, Bonnie! You're wonderful and successful; nobody can change that.

    1. That's right Sammy! As far as you love what you do, success is already yours because when you put your whole heart into making whatever you love a success, it becomes a huge success.
      Don't worry about how much you're earning currently. Keep doing what you love and giving it your best; it will definitely pay off.

  2. I love this list!!! Thank you so much. I think this list does a lot not only in becoming successful in your career but in your life overall. Most importantly becoming a good person.

    1. Exactly Lois! To be successful, you need to learn to block out the negativity around you and simply focus more on your passion. If you love what you do, don't listen to others who think you're wasting your time. Believe you're successful and with time, you will see the success manifest. Always remain positive. Goodluck in your endeavours!

  3. Great summary of these traits. I especially agree with being grateful, which helps round out a positive growth mindset and gets you on the path to success.

    1. Thank you Jamie! I love your comment. At the end of the day, what really matters is how you perceived your challenges and what you did about them. Don't let the negativity weigh you down instead, look for something positive and let it inspire you. I wish you growth in every aspect of your life.

  4. Very inspiring post. Actually learning continuously is good for our personal development and successful people are always looking for ways to better make themselves ready for more challenging tasks through continuous learning. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hurray! I’m so happy for you, Nicole. Many people are so worried about the future and their financial status that they never stop to look at their victories. It’s always important to remember that success isn’t about how much money you have but your positive attitude towards life.

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