The Alternative Technique You Can Use to Make Her Cum

make her cum

I’ve put on my very naughty face this morning to share something tantalizing with the guys today. Awww, I hope the ladies aren’t mad at me for being so partial?

Well, forgive me; I have to do this for the guys because they’ve shown great interest in my naughty posts especially the ones that concern ladies. It shows they are willing to work on their bedroom skills so as to give you pleasure in abundance.

Okay! Grab a notepad guys; you are about to learn something tantalizing! I’m going to teach you an alternative technique you can use to make her cum like crazy.

To those of you who have been practicing and have finally mastered the art of eating pussy, I say Kudos! You know it isn’t easy right? Yeah, it definitely isn’t.

To others who haven’t been able to master or even try eating pussy because you don’t like going down pussy town or your girlfriend just doesn’t approve of it or you just suck at it, put a smile on your face.

After this post, you will be able to give her toe-curling orgasms with little effort and she’s going to respect you for that!

Apart from eating pussy, there is another technique you can use to take her over the edge fast. I call it “Fingering like a Pro” technique. It is very simple but it needs skill and a little bit of practice.

Before you start, please know that there are at least three methods you can use to apply this technique:


The alternative technique you can use to make her cum


The couple should start by taking a cool shower together to create a sexual atmosphere. Make sure you keep a bottle of lubricant or oil by the bedside to prevent disruptions when you are in the middle of something tantalizing.

Next, lie down on the bed but wait! The positioning of the couple is vital for this technique to work; if you get it wrong, you will spoil the entire process.

So, the girl should first lie down then the man must lie on the left side of the girl. Next, he should bend slightly towards the girl and put his right arm under her neck.

Now, you are READY to start!

Start by slowly kissing her on the lips, neck, and breasts; this is to make sure she’s aroused before you touch her down there.

Kiss her all over for a few minutes till her breathing increases. Then, grab the lubricant and apply some on your neatly trimmed fingers (remember to use your left hand for easy access to her pussy).

Next, apply some lubricant on the uppermost part of her pussy using your index or middle finger, and then find her clit and start rubbing it gently in a circular motion.

Do this slowly for two minutes while sucking her left nipple and caressing her right nipple at the same time. She’s going to be begging you for more at this point.

Watch her reactions closely! Does she like what you are doing? If yes, increase the speed a little to intensify her pleasure or change your movements to sideways motion.

Continue with what you are doing and increase your speed after some time till she cums. If she doesn’t seem to like any of these movements, ask her to show you how she wants to be fingered.


Start by taking a cool shower together just like I said in the first method. Remember to keep a lubricant by the bedside before you start.

As usual, the girl should lie down first then the man must lie on the right side of the girl. Next, he should bend slightly towards the girl and put his left arm under her neck.

Start by slowly kissing her on the lips, neck, and breasts to arouse her before you finger her. Apply some lubricant on her pussy using your middle finger, find her clit and start rubbing it gently in a circular or up/down motion. Observe her and use any movement she likes!

Finger her slowly for two minutes while sucking her right nipple and caressing her left nipple with your left hand at the same time. She’s going to go crazy with this technique!

Listen to her moans and if she wants more, give her more by increasing the tempo of your fingers till she reaches her orgasm.

It seems a bit complex but you will master it after the first trial. Feel free to add your own skills to give her more pleasure and make her cum!



I know you are wondering “Is it only the girl who derives pleasure?” Absolutely not! This third method is where you get to partake in the pleasure too. How will this happen?

Take any position you like from the above mentioned, then start applying lubricant on her… Wait! While you are applying lubricant on her pussy, let her also apply some on your dick with her fingers.

She can use any of her hands as far she is comfortable with the position. Next, both of you should start touching yourselves intimately till you both cum. If one partner doesn’t achieve orgasm during the activity, let the other partner assist him/her reach orgasm. I assure you, it is going to be blissful!


Hope you enjoyed my “Fingering Like a Pro” tutorial? I know you did! You were so attentive throughout. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. I deserve a big pat on the back right? Make sure you try this technique as soon as possible so you can master it on time.

You can use this any time you want to feel funky or when she’s ovulating to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Oh gosh! That’s another secret I’ve just leaked out!

Remember to give me some feedback when you try this! If you don’t give me feedback, I’ll assume you didn’t enjoy the tutorial and I might not post any other one for you in the future!

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