3 Crazy Reasons Why Yoruba Men Love Fleshy Women

Why Yoruba men love fleshy women

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Have you ever thought about why Yoruba men love fleshy women? I watched an American movie several years ago titled “Phat Girlz“.

It featured two plus-sized ladies and a skinny lady. Monique, one of the two plus-sized girls was an aspiring designer who was obsessed with her weight.

Since they were in America where “thin” is the reigning thing, the skinny lady enjoyed a lot of attention from men while the fat lady hardly ever received as much as a glance.

When Monique won a trip to Palm Springs for the weekend at a five-star resort, she met Tunde, a Nigerian man who couldn’t take his eyes off her. It was love at first sight; he cherished her more than anything in his world.

While the skinny lady was checking out his friends, they were busy staring at the other fat lady. Eventually, they started dating but when they had some misunderstanding, they broke up. The movie ends with their reconciliation.

The questions that came running to my mind when the Nigerian man introduced himself as Tunde were ” Why Nigerian? And why Yoruba? Why do typical Yoruba men prefer fat women to skinny women? Is it a cultural thing?

It is quite normal for a typical Yoruba man to go crazy for a fat or heavy duty woman. He could even sweep the ground she walks on but he won’t even glance at a skinny lady.

The term “typical Yoruba”, does not refer to all those “Ajebo Yoruba guys” who lived in a foreign land for many years before tracing the routes to their villages.

I’m actually referring to those ones that look like “Jagua” (do you remember him? That olden days Yoruba actor who had deep tribal marks etched into his face like fine art!) Lol!

I’m also referring to those ones who reside in Ondo, Osun and Oyo. Those ones who never really strayed from their ancestral homes; they even know the road to their mother’s villages.

In my own opinion, I think Yoruba men like fat or fleshy women for the following reasons:


3 crazy reasons why Yoruba men love fleshy women

1. Fat means bold and beautiful:

Have you ever noticed that most fat or chubby women are usually very beautiful? They don’t even need makeup to portray their beauty.

Personally, I haven’t come across any ugly fat woman before or maybe I’ve forgotten. But the fact is that, fat women are naturally beautiful and maybe that’s why typical Yoruba men go crazy for them.

2. They find comfort with fat women:

Fat women are usually soft, warm and very fleshy. I mean looking at their big chest alone could make you feel at home. No wonder some people refer to them as “room and parlour”. It simply means they are supple and comfy.

For men who like plus-sized women, they derive much comfort from them; they don’t need pillows when they’ve got a plus-sized woman by their side. I doubt if such men ever feel cold after being cuddled throughout the night by their fleshy women.

Most typical Yoruba men are of the opinion that sleeping with a skinny woman is like sleeping with a man but sleeping with a woman that has ample flesh will give them something soft to hold on to.

3. They love authoritative women:

Plus-sized women generally possess a kind of presence; they easily don’t disappear into the crowds. Whenever, a big woman enters a place, everyone notices! Their body alone announces their presence and they are often very bold, confident and authoritative.

You can’t intimidate them. Never! I guess typical Yoruba men love them because they can easily scare away troublemakers. I’m just saying!

3 crazy reasons why Yoruba men love fleshy women

It is true that other tribes also fancy fat or fleshy women but the case of typical Yoruba men is out of this world. They literally go crazy for any woman who is chubby or about to be chubby.

When they see a woman who meets their requirements, they will burst into songs of praise to show you how pleased they are. They even know the women who have the potential of adding weight after childbirth. I don’t know how they do it!

It is a normal thing for an Igbo man to tell his wife “Honey, don’t add too much weight. I don’t want people to assume you’re my mother when they see us together”.

But a typical Yoruba man’s sermon will go like this “Ehnn! Ayomi, make sure you’re eating well oh! I want you to add weight so that when people see us together, they’ll know that I’m taking proper care of you”!!!


Do you know any other reason why Yoruba men love fleshy women?


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4 thoughts on “3 Crazy Reasons Why Yoruba Men Love Fleshy Women

  1. I've also experienced this phenomena among Igbo people as well, especially short Igbo men. One would think they're compensating for something… 🙂

    I agree with your 3 points. To expand on your 3rd point I think some also see it as an accomplishment and a sense of pride. I can imagine the husband looking over to his wife with a grin, thinking to himself: "Look at this larger-than-life woman, and little old me was the one that conquered her heart."

    1. Hahahahahahaha…. So true!!! I've seen short/smallish Igbo men marrying heavy-duty women and I truly admire their courage. E no easy!!! I'm still laughing at your statement "this larger-than-life woman". Very funny!!!

  2. Yooo this is so true.. Am dating a Yoruba man, and am not that big, and all he ever complains abt is my weight… Keeps on asking if I have eaten and how much more I shld eat… I NVR understood why…coz I am happy with my body.. Didn’t want to b bigger than this., BT now I get it..

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