How to Deal With Depression in 8 Easy Steps

How to deal with depression

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Depression is like drowning when everyone around you is enjoying the swim. It takes a lot of effort to beat it.

I used to suffer terribly with depression and I can tell you that it’s a day-to-day battle.

I searched for ways to deal with depression until I found the cure and I’m going to share with you in this post.

But, before I give you the cure for depression, let me share my depression story with you…

I woke up one morning feeling very restless for no reason.

Suddenly, I was angry at the world for where I was and what would have been if I had made the right choices. I blamed so many people for my predicament. 

I didn’t know how I landed into this dungeon and I had no idea of how to come out of it.

My life had been perfect before now; I was doing so well and I had a lot of friends. 

How to get rid of depression

All of a sudden, my life was meaningless and without direction.

I didn’t know where I was going and what I wanted to do with my life.

I was floating in a darkness that seemed endless and I was engulfed by a deep sadness.

I started putting up walls around myself so that no one would enter my world.

All I wanted was to be alone, lost in darkness. I had no energy or interest to do anything.

My days became blurry and hazy. I cared about nothing although I wanted to care I didn’t know how to.

The ability to care had somehow slipped from my memory. 

Sometimes, I woke up feeling helpless and unwilling to do anything. I saw utter hopelessness all around me.

When I fell sick, I knew it really had nothing to do with my physical health but I was psychologically unstable. 

How to Deal With Depression

I couldn’t sleep at night; I will just lay still gazing into an empty space.

When my boyfriend visited, I felt a lot better and I saw a reason to live although it didn’t last long; the day he left, my world shattered. 

I suddenly felt empty once again and I went back into the endless darkness I was used to.

I even forgot to eat on some days or maybe I didn’t have the appetite to eat anything. My phone too became useless to me.

The few times I managed to eat, I dumped the soiled dishes in a corner until greenish mold gathered on top of them.

Often, in the middle of eating, reading or watching a movie, I would feel a crushing urge to cry…

How to Deal With Depression

And tears would stream down my cheeks with choking sobs that threatened to give me a cardiac arrest.

I even stopped going to class or even church; it was meaningless.

Some really dark days, I felt like taking something that would end my pain forever because life wasn’t worth living.

I realized I was depressed and I needed to come out of it before I started nurturing thoughts of harming myself.

It took me a long time before I could genuinely smile again.

I want to share with you how to deal with depression in 8 easy steps.

These are the few steps I took to get out of depression; it may help someone out there who is going through a similar condition.


How to deal with depression

1. Talk to someone:

Just to make sure you’re not being irrational, talk to someone who is close to you; it could be your boyfriend, best friend or a sibling.

Tell the person exactly how you feel and what you think is the cause of your depression. 

Pour out your soul to him or her and listen to what he or she has to say.

Filter whatever advice you get, pick out what speaks to you or your situation and remind yourself constantly of it. 

If you talk to someone but you still empty inside, talk to God. He is always ready to listen to us and help us overcome challenges.

2. Change your environment:

This is the first step to getting yourself again. Move out of your current residence; find somewhere new to go to.

Pack a few belongings but leave everything else behind. 

If you want to deal with depression, you need to be ready to get rid of every single thing that makes you depressed.

You may not be able to point out what makes you depressed and that’s why you need to leave your current environment.

You need a clean break and a fresh start!

If it’s impossible for you to move out of your current apartment or travel, try decluttering and rearranging your furniture.

You’ll get a sense of positive change and negative energy clearing away from the atmosphere.

How to Deal With Depression

3. Listen to your heart:

No matter the advice you receive from someone, you’re the only one who really knows YOU.

Do not beat yourself if you still feel a little undecided after relocating.

You will need some time to get used to your new environment. Spend your days doing nothing. 

Just lay still and listen to your heart. Ask yourself what you want and what adds meaning to your life.

Search your soul for that thing that you’re passionate about; find out what motivates you and start planning towards it.

How to deal with depression

4. Fill your life with meaningful things and people:

Begin to gradually fill your life with the people who matter the most to you. Let them in slowly; don’t rush things.

You can invite them back into your life through calls, chats, texts or visits. 

If you want to get rid of depression, start reading motivational and inspirational books that will speak positive words into your life.

Let the Bible become your companion day and night; fill your heart with the word of God.

5. Get rid of any negative energy around you:

Whatever or whoever makes you feel bad about yourself, get rid of it. You don’t need any negative vibe around you now.

Throw away books or movies that make you feel awful and invest in positive ones.

Don’t even listen to negative people who will try to discourage you, just follow your heart.

How to Deal With Depression

6. Start doing what you love:

If you’ve been listening to your heart, I’m sure you will find answers and a direction to follow.

Find out what you love and start doing it; turn your passion into a hobby or a job even if it produces little or no income. 

If you love sewing, baking or teaching, don’t be ashamed to chase the dream; it’s your life after all.

Just do whatever makes you happy. Start a foundation for your passion, pour your heart into it and watch it grow.

7. Be committed to something useful:

It isn’t just about working or making money; be committed to something worthwhile.

First, be committed to your hobby or job and next, find something else to engage in. 

8. Create time for yourself:

Now that your life is back on track, you may find yourself so busy that you won’t even have time for yourself.

You could be immersed in a lot of things that you forget who you are and what having fun means to you. 

How to Deal With Depression

These were the steps that really helped me get out of depression.

My close friends and family members also supported me a great deal; they were understanding and patient. 

There were days when I shut them out without a word but still, they patiently waited for me to come out of hiding.

If you ever find yourself falling into that pit called “depression”, get help.

It takes time and persistence to overcome depression but there are ways to train and rewire your brain to beat it.

If you’re suffering from depression, I highly recommend the Destroy Depression that will teach you how to eliminate depression from your life.


Have you ever been depressed? How did you deal with it? 


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3 thoughts on “How to Deal With Depression in 8 Easy Steps

  1. I’m depressed now and I’m trying to get rid of this thing. Thank you. I’ll try to deal with the depression.

    1. Hi Reem,

      I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there before. My life fell apart and everything seemed meaningless. Somehow, I managed to pick myself up and I started this blog to give me a sense of purpose in life. My single advice is “Find something that makes you happy and keep doing it every single day”. Don’t stop fighting; you can totally win this. Thanks for stopping by.

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