Social Media Addiction is Slowly Destroying Our Friendships

Social Media Addiction is Slowly Destroying Our Friendships

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“We all appear absolutely perfect on social media but in real life, we are just plain, ordinary people who constantly fight untold battles”.  ~Jennifer Dagi~

Social media is slowly killing our friendships. It is quietly ridding us of reality while it feeds us with lies. We have so many friends and followers on social media but a few real friends.

We’ve become so addicted to the likes, follows, comments and tweets we get that we forget who we are or who our friends really are. We don’t remember a friend’s birthday or anniversary except Facebook reminds us!

We no longer call, text, visit or even write letters. Social media has taken over; everyone is locked up in his/her own prison called “home”.

We don’t keep in touch with people but the moment we hear they are gone, we hurriedly log on to Facebook to drop likes, comments, and RIPs all over the person’s page as if he would see them from his grave or maybe his ghost still hovers on social media. How pathetic!

We don’t celebrate our friends in reality; they are only celebrated on social media alive or gone.

We only keep in touch with the people we expect something from; we remember them when we are in a fix and we call them only when we need their help!

I went off social media for almost six months and during this time, I realized how many fake friends I had on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Nobody cared enough to check up on me while I was away; they were too busy liking and commenting on my automated posts.

I am very sure that if those same social media friends heard that I had suddenly gone away in my sleep, they would all litter my page with comments like “Oh my God! What happened?” or “Was she sick?” or “What a tragedy, RIP Jenny!”

They would practically fill up my page with comments of how lovely I was when they never really knew me or what I was going through.

Sometimes I wonder why Mark Zuckerberg named it “friend” on Facebook. It should have been face mate or face pal or even picture buddy. At least Twitter and Instagram got it right when they tagged it “followers”.

I recently started watching “Being Mary Jane” and there was a particular episode that stroke a cord.

A certain lady who was quite popular passed away alone in her apartment and no one knew about it; not even her friends or family was aware. Her social media friends didn’t even miss her!

She was discovered three years later on a couch in her living room with the T.V still on. By that time, all that remained of her was a skeleton. So painful!

No one bothered to check up on her. As far as she was on social media, she was just fine to them!

Moments with Jenny

This is just a warning post to everyone who is addicted to having fake friends and followers on social media. Believe it or not, no one really cares about you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

All the likes and comments you receive are just a charade! They don’t mean anything if that person doesn’t have a real relationship with you.

Most times, people like your posts simply because they feel you expect it from them.

Let’s learn to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with the people we love!

Don’t get too absorbed in social media that you forget your real friends and family; they need you. Check up on them regularly; call, text or visit them when you can.

Please refrain from asking your friends how they are doing on social media. It is terribly wrong!

If you truly care, call or visit them to find out how they are doing. It is quite easy for someone to type “I’m fine” on Facebook while she is crying and you won’t even be aware.

If you don’t maintain any real friendship in your youth, when you get old, shriveled and can barely hold something without shivering, you would realize how alone you really are.

By then, social media will be a world of its own and you will be just you, alone without your loved ones.

Don’t get carried away with social media! Stop looking up to social media to give you what it doesn’t have: real friendship!

Create and maintain meaningful relationships with your friends and family! Find time to reach out to the people who matter to you! A shout out goes to my real friends and family.

Thank you all for being there in reality and not only on social media. You are the ones who call me when I’m down and make me smile.

You are ones who visit me with goodies to lighten up my day and force me to shower and go out when I don’t feel like it. Thank you for everything. I love you.

When you leave your phone or tablet without data for just two days, how do you feel?

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