10 Amazing Things to be Grateful for Everyday

10 Amazing Things to be Grateful for Everyday

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“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” ~Ralph E. Waldo

You know how you make so many plans you would like to achieve at a certain time but you never really see yourself achieving them? Yeah, me too! Don’t beat yourself over it.

Some days are just great; things go exactly as planned or even better and you juggle goals, tasks and even your relationship. Everything is perfect! You feel amazing and excited for some time and then it suddenly stops.

Your fulfilled days are then filled with unfinished tasks, unaccomplished goals and disappointments. You feel unmotivated and exhausted to even raise a finger. All you want to do is curse, curse and curse.

The truth is, we’ve all been down that road; life is just not easy. It is filled with so many ups and downs. But amidst all the downs, you need to be grateful for the ups and keep pushing till you reach your goals.

When things don’t go exactly as planned and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach, don’t let it get to you. Or when you feel so sorry for yourself that all you want to do is lie down in your bed for 5 days, just hang in there.

Things may look rough today without any light at the end of the tunnel but don’t throw in the towel just yet. Remain strong! Even in that pain, disappointment and frustration, you can always find something to feel grateful for everyday.

With so much joy in my heart, I want to share a list of 10 simple and amazing things that I feel grateful for everyday. I’ve pasted a copy of this list on my mirror and I remind myself to read it daily.

It helps me a lot when I feel down or depressed over something that didn’t work out as planned. I think you might find it surprisingly helpful too! I am grateful for…

10 Things to be Grateful For Everyday

1. Being Alive & Healthy

The act of going to bed and waking up in the morning is still a mystery to me. It amazes me how my body knows it is time to wake up or how it hears the alarm even in deep sleep.

I was at the hospital the other day to run some tests and the amount of sick people I saw there made me instantly grateful for the ability to breathe without oxygen mask.

I get sick too but still I have much to be thankful for that I often take for granted. Life is a gift that we should all cherish dearly. I am alive and healthy! I am very grateful for just being alive!

2. Having a Roof Over My Head

Ahh! My warm home is a place I am always grateful for. When I lie on my bed, listening as the rain falls on my roof and the thunderstorms outside, I always wonder how so many homeless people sleep without a roof on their heads.

I’m grateful for the fact that when it’s cold or windy outside, I have a place to run to and dive under warm blankets with a cup of coffee.

3. Food and Water

Do I really have to mention how many people go hungry everyday? Nah! I’ll pass. Food maybe a cheap commodity to me but I know it is a luxury to some people.

Most times, I cook and eat tasty meals at home. A few times, I eat out or buy food from some fancy restaurant. I’m sincerely grateful that I have access to healthy, tasty food and clean water.

4. The Gift of Nature

The beautiful sunrise on my face. A refreshing walk in the park with the love of my life. A cool swim in the pool on a sunny day. A dewy day when the trees are filled with wet green leaves.

Cool breeze at night and beautiful bright stars in the sky. Should I go on? I have so much to be grateful for when nature is concerned. I love nature and I’m thankful for it.

5. Unlimited Access to the Internet

I miss the days when you had to ask an older person for information about something that happened in the past. I also miss the days when you had to scroll through large books and journals just find a piece of information.

But, above all, I am thankful for the INTERNET. Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without the internet and my blog! I can learn new things online everyday. I can help people build healthy and lasting relationships via my blog.

I can connect and talk to anyone I want online. I can do all these because of the internet. Thank you for coming into my life, dear internet! I’m really grateful.

things to be grateful for

6. My Wonderful friends and family

I am grateful for my friends and family for the unconditional love, care, kindness and all the support that they show to me everyday.

I can’t thank them enough for coming into my life and making me who I am. They love me the way I am with all my craziness, weaknesses and strengths. I’m eternally grateful!

7. My Job, & My Online Business

Yes! Some days, I want to go crazy with stress and exhaustion but somehow, I still love my job. I get the opportunity to help people one way or the other and it gives me immense joy to put smiles on their faces.

My blog isn’t where I want it to be right now but I’m grateful to have it. It feels like a small garden that is blossoming and I know it will grow into a big fruitful tree one day.

8. The Comments I Receive From Readers All Over The World

Once in a while, I receive beautiful emails and messages from readers that bring warmth into my heart. Such messages keep me going especially when it gets tough.

I also value the comments I receive on my blog. They show me why I need to continue doing what I love. I truly appreciate the expressions of gratitude all around me.

9. The Mistakes and Failures That Have Made Me Stronger

I’ve been through a lot down the road. I’ve made terrible mistakes that almost broke me into pieces. I’ve had multiple failures that left me devastated. I’ve learnt painful lessons.

Yet, I feel grateful for all of them; they’ve been my  foundation and my stepping stone to greater heights. My mistakes have added to who I am today. I’m older, wiser and stronger.

10. Electricity and Transportation

When I imagine my life without electricity, I see only misery. A life without the internet, light, TV and other electrical appliances is going to be so boring and miserable. So I’m thankful for the discovery of electricity and its usefulness.

Several means of transport like car, train, bus, ship and aeroplane are all useful inventions that we certainly cannot do without. I’m grateful I was born in this lifetime to be able to experience such wonders.

I’m grateful for all these things and so many other things I cannot mention now. I’m alive, healthy and strong. I hope to still see many more days filled with amazing things. I guess you are grateful for some of these things too?

Here are some positive affirmations I recite everyday:

1) “I am ready to live the life of my dreams.”

2) “I love myself. I support myself. I believe in myself”

3) “I am receiving abundance now in expected and unexpected ways”

4) “I trust the Universe. It gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time”

5) “I am attracting more of what I desire, right now”

What do you feel grateful for today?

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