Diary Of An Adoptive Mother( A personal story)

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Early this year, on February 1st, I got a call from the adoption agency saying a little girl in Colombia was now my little girl. There was a lot of paper work to do, and we had to travel to Colombia to bring her home. I was so happy, I told some of my close friends and family members.

When I told my husband, Jason, he was filled with excitement. We had been expecting this good news with serious anticipation. But, we decided not to tell our son, Steven yet.

How could I tell a seven-year-old that he has a sister who is already five years old? I really didn’t know how to explain it all to him so I decided to wait…

Ten days after I received a call, I got a picture of Katerina. The picture was small and blurry but I looked at it over and over again. I instantly fell in love with her brown eyes and curly brown hair. I didn’t know much about her!

All I knew was the fact that she had lived in an orphanage for most of her life and speaks only Spanish. I wondered how I would talk to her since I understand only English.

3 weeks after I received Katherina’s picture, I showed it to my son, Steven. At first, he was confused; he asked a lot of questions but later, he understood why I was bringing a sister for him. He was so delighted that he told all his friends at school about his sister.

As I grew anxious about Katherina, I thought of various ways to prepare for her arrival. I went shopping and bought a few dresses that would be suitable for a five-year-old. I didn’t buy shoes because I didn’t know her exact size.

The agency hadn’t given me anymore information about her. I was excited and anxious at the same time! We waited expectantly for weeks…

Finally, on the 16th of March, we received good news! All the papers were ready and we were supposed to go to Colombia the following day to bring Katherina home with us. We jumped for joy! We couldn’t wait to see our new addition to the family.

The following day, we all boarded a plane to Colombia. It was a tiring flight but we didn’t mind. Katherina was all we wanted and we didn’t mind going through some discomfort to get to her.

When we got to the agency and they brought our little girl to us, my eyes filled up with uncontrollable tears. She was perfect! I was so happy to see her. She was more beautiful than in her picture; she looked small, thin and afraid.

On the way home, she slept throughout the flight. As I looked at her small face, I silently prayed that I would be a good mother to her.

When we got home, at first, she was shy. She didn’t talk at all! She seemed quite depressed and withdrawn. Surprisingly, a few days later, she started communicating with her brother Steven in a mixture of Spanish, English and hand gestures. Steven got along with Katherina very fast and he even helped us communicate better with her.

I and Jason thought about her starting school but we put it off for a while. We decided to allow her feel comfortable first before pushing her off to school. Plus, she needed to improve in her English before joining others in Kindergarten.

Three months after she arrived she seems happier, she looks healthier and has gained some weight. Her is shiny and her skin is glowing. She has also learnt how to communicate well in English and she loves watching T.V and dancing. I’m really happy to see her adapting to her new family and environment!

Now, Katherina has started school and she is doing well. Her English gets better everyday. Although, she looks sad sometimes, she isn’t as depressed as when she first came.

She’s adapting really fast and we are all happy for her. She is gradually getting used to her new life with us. After only three months, I can’t imagine my life without her. I love her so much!

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