MonthDecember 2017

14 Relationship Damaging Habits You Need to Ditch

Relationship damaging habits

  A lot of things happen to our relationships every day; some are beautiful, others are just terrible. In so many ways, our relationships are tested and even threatened by so many unforeseen forces on a daily basis. These forces could be mostly damaging habits that we developed or picked up along the way. I call them “relationship damaging habits” because they destroy our relationships unknowingly. Most people don’t know they have them until it destroys their relationship. It is […]


How to Avoid the 3 Seasonal Scourges this Christmas

  I really just want to wish you a wonderful Christmas celebration before I get carried away in all the merriment. You know how it is… One minute I’m planning to write a blog post, the next minute I’m gulping down some bottles of beer while my blog is entirely forgotten. So, before the Christmas excitement grabs me, I want to remind you of the three seasonal scourges you need to avoid this holiday. #1 STRESS: No matter how hard […]


Happy 1st Anniversary Mr & Mrs Idowu

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary Mr & Mrs Idowu. I wish you many more happy years of love and peace. MEET MRS IDOWU She is the founder and CEO of Tickles Makeovers & Spa; if you ever need a total makeover, just contact her. She knows her onions. She comes from Imo state. She was born on the 15th of March. She is a pretty workaholic who loves reading, watching movies and turning ladies into beauty Queens. She is a graduate […]


55 Easy Recipes to Make this Holiday the Best Ever

What if I told you this holiday will be filled with much fun and no stress? What if I told you I had some secret tips that will help you simplify this holiday season. Do I mean holiday meals without stress? Yes, please! You know how crazy it is cooking for the whole house during the holidays. And you might be feeling a little apprehensive or stressed about this coming holiday season. Even though it’s supposed to be a joyful […]