5 Romantic Sex Positions You Should Try on Val’s Night

Romantic sex positions

Are you looking for romantic sex positions you can try with your partner? Valentine’s day may be long gone or it’s just around the corner and I guess you are busy planning for it in your own romantic way.

While some people are busy shopping for gifts or booking restaurants for Val’s day, I’m busy planning for Val’s night. You can call me a “spoiled brat” but we all know Valentine’s day cannot be complete without some sweet, sensual lovemaking.

I’ve been busy looking for something to spice up your sex lives and mine too of course. So, today’s post is a little Valentine’s gift for all couples who follow my blog. I’m going to give you five romantic sex positions you can try out on Val’s night.

I specifically said “romantic” because I believe Val’s night should be a night of sweet, gentle love-making. You can have all the rough and fast-paced sex you want on any other day but these sex positions that I’m about to show you should be used on Val’s night to strengthen your relationship.

You can still try these romantic sex positions even if it’s not Valentine’s day. I strongly believe every couple should find ways to keep the romance alive in their relationship. Show your lover how romantic you are with these romantic positions:


Romantic sex positions

#1 The Sensational 69:

Romantic sex positions

Did I hear you ask what the 69 is? It is a great position for couples who want to spice up their sex lives while having fun. Okay. Not really.

The 69 is a position that allows both lovers to fondle each other at the same time without one person feeling left out. It enables them to eat each other simultaneously. Sounds exciting right?

Yes, it is. I like this position because it saves time and energy plus I find it very irresistible. It doesn’t involve throwing your legs all over the place or hanging them in the air for long. It’s simple but yet thrilling! How can you do the 69?

It’s pretty simple. The man lies down on his back with his face upwards while the woman straddles him (sits on him) and lowers herself gently to his face.

Then she gives him a wonderful blowjob while he eats her at the same time. You can add some techniques of your own to make it a memorable experience. Just improvise as much as you can.

#2. The Cozy Doggy Style:

Romantic sex positions

I’m sure you already know how the doggy style works; a girl kneels down in front of a man while he penetrates her from behind. Okay, I’m going to be really blunt here; some women actually hate the doggy style. Yep! It’s true!

Let’s face it; this style is often painful and it makes women feel distant from their lovers. So, how do you enjoy the doggy without hurting your lover? Call me a magician because I have a way… It’s called the cozy doggy style.

This position simply involves a woman lying down flat on her stomach with her legs slightly parted while the man lies on top of her and slowly enters her from behind.

For balance, he should try grabbing her hips or keeping his palms flat on the bed. Then, the woman either crosses her ankles or slides her legs together for a tighter squeeze.

This position is so romantic because it allows closeness and the man can easily kiss his partner’s neck and stimulate her clit while thrusting from behind.

The penetration is deep but not painful so, both partners get to enjoy themselves. Just remember to use enough lube and thrust gently.

#3. The Kinky Spoons:

Romantic sex positions

I love spooning! Who doesn’t? It is so romantic and hot! This position normally involves a woman lying down on her side with her partner right behind her so they’re both facing the same direction. Then she gently pushes her butt toward him as he enters her. Damn!!!

To spice things up a little, she can show her man how she wants her clit to be touched. He can alternate between touching her clit or fondling her breasts. That is some hot lovemaking for the most romantic Valentine’s night!

#4. The Loving Wall:

Romantic sex positions

I discovered this position when I was bored and needed something exciting yet lazy to make me feel jelly. You know how it goes…

This lovely position usually starts in a spooning position, then the woman lifts her legs back over his and turns her torso so she’s on her back, facing him, while he slowly slides inside her.

I love this position because it feels new every time I try it. The angle is perfect for sensual connection and you don’t need to do some acrobatics. It is a lazy but exciting position to try out this valentine and beyond.

#5. The Bonding Missionary:

Romantic sex positions

You may find the missionary boring because you use it all the time but if you add a few tweaks, you would enjoy this position.

Begin this position like you normally would; the woman lies on her back and gently spreads her legs while the man enters her and starts thrusting. Sounds a little archaic, right? Yes, it certainly does.

Try it this way; the man can suck or fondle the woman’s nipples while moving his hips. He could also nibble her neck while she grabs his butt with both hands.

A couple can connect deeply during missionary with affectionate touches like holding hands, wrapping your legs around him, stroking his back, running your fingers through his hair or entwining your legs with his. Hope you now understand while I call it “the bonding missionary?”


These positions are really romantic and sensational! I hope you will definitely try them out with your lover this Valentine?

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