8 Obvious Reasons Why Men Cheat

Why men cheat

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Every woman would love to be the only woman in her man’s life but it doesn’t always turn out that way.

Every woman wants a man who would have her and be satisfied.

We want to be enough for our men. But sometimes, men cheat and they may or may not have genuine reasons for doing what they do.

Most times when men cheat, their women never really understand why they did it.

They spend several days crying and blaming themselves for a man’s actions. 

They analyze each phase of their relationship trying to figure out what went wrong and what could have possibly caused their man to cheat on them. 

If you are trying to understand why men cheat on their partners, here is a list of reasons why men do what they do:

8 Obvious Reasons Why Men Cheat

8 obvious reasons why men cheat in a relationship


#1  Loneliness


Believe it or not, some men feel very lonely even when they have girlfriends or wives.

Long-distance and busy schedules could make a lady spend less time with her man. 

Her absence will eventually make him lonely and needy; the next thing you know, he’ll be making out with another available lady.

A man would possibly cheat when he doesn’t spend much time with his woman.

#2  Selfishness and Greed


Some men are just naturally selfish and greedy; they don’t know where to draw the line when it comes to women.

The only reason they are alive is that they need to hunt and conquer as many ladies as they can.

Even when they have a girlfriend or wife, they still look for other ladies to warm their beds. One woman is never enough for them.

#3  Insecurity:


Some men cheat basically because they are insecure either emotionally or financially; they need so much attention all the time.

When a man doesn’t feel loved or wanted, he could go out in search of someone who would love him the way he wants.

In the course of his search, he would most likely test-drive to see if he is entirely compatible with the lady he chooses.

#4  Insatiable Desire for Intimacy


Some men cheat because of their insatiable desire for intimacy and lack of self-control.

These types of men don’t concentrate if they don’t make love daily; it’s like a compulsory medicine they need to take to feel whole. 

If these types of men find themselves with women who don’t match their stamina or are incapable of satisfying their needs, they end up cheating to make up for what they don’t get from their partners.


#5  For Fun or Curiosity


Some men are just hunters by nature; they simply love to hunt for fun or curiosity. It’s like an adventure that pumps their adrenaline.

Their ability to get a lady into bed proves to them that they are still desirable and on top of their game.

They feel alive and excited when they have their cheating adventures.

#6  For Vengeance


Some men don’t just have that cheating nature but somehow they end up doing it.

This group of men cheat because they want to either revenge their partner or payback a loved one who hurt them in the past.

They may not really like the lady they are sleeping with but they do it to prove a point to someone.

#7 They Don’t Love Their Partner Anymore


Some men fall out of love with their women along the way. When this happens, they don’t feel attracted to their partner anymore.

Instead of working out with their spouse, they start cheating in order to find someone who they are attracted to in many ways.

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#8 They Don’t Believe in Monogamy


Let’s face it; some men don’t just believe in the “one woman” thing. They believe there are millions of ladies in the universe that they are yet to know.

Staying with one woman all their life is not an option for them. Cheating for them is a normal way of life and they love it.


Most times, when men cheat they forget how much it hurts their partner. They also forget how much is at stake.

To them, it’s just a fling or a casual affair with no- strings attached but it’s so much more than that.

Infidelity signifies a lack of self-control and it breeds mistrust and dishonesty in relationships.

Don’t blame yourself for his infidelity; it’s not your fault. As long as you put in efforts to make your relationship work, you’re not to blame.

No matter how much you invest in a relationship, an irresponsible man will still cheat on you.

If you find out he’s cheating on you, you have two choices; leave him or stay and work it out.

If you’re struggling to heal from an affair, I recommend A Cheater’s Guide For Helping Your Spouse Heal to help you discover the “24 tasks” that a cheater must perform in order for you to heal from an affair.

If you want help in rebuilding trust after an affair, The Journey to Trust is a great resource that you’ll find incredibly helpful and useful in the process of healing.

If you don’t find healthy ways to heal, you may never forgive your spouse and your relationship will remain broken.


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8 thoughts on “8 Obvious Reasons Why Men Cheat

  1. What to do, my husband cheated me all the time; I respect him, love him, but he always cheat on me. What should I do?

    1. Hi Nongtdu,

      You can try to be a good wife, pray for him always, don’t nag all the time and take the time to satisfy him in bed. If he still doesn’t change, just accept the fact that there are some men who don’t believe in monogamy at all. You can’t force him to change.

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