9 Reasons Why Communication is Important in Your Relationship

Reasons why communication is important in relationship

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Did you know that communicating your feelings early is very important in a relationship?

Some people are not aware of it and that’s why I’m going to give you 9 reasons why communication is important in your relationship.

A lot of people are in relationships today; some are planned and others aren’t.

Some people find themselves in relationships mainly because of boredom, loneliness or just fate.

Sometimes, you enter into a relationship that you didn’t expect to grow so strong and along the line, you do terrible things behind the other person’s back.

When you finally realize that this person is actually a good person and you want to seriously make the relationship work, karma plays a fast one on you.

In a twinkle of an eye, you are caught up in the web of your previous sins before you even had the chance to clear up your mess.

And then it gets messier; questions and abusive words are thrown in your face from all corners.

Words like “You despicable being”, “How could you do this to me? ” You’re the meanest person in the world!

I thought you were my friend? I thought you cared about me?” And so many other words will be drummed into your ears.

At this point, you’re shocked and speechless. Even when you try to explain and apologize, you’re ignored completely or totally avoided. 

Why communication is important in your relationship


Sometimes, It’s not really your fault! It’s not easy going up to someone to say “Hey, I did something terrible that I couldn’t tell you about”

Or “Hey, Honey I was angry at you 2 weeks ago and I told someone something I shouldn’t have said”.

Many opportunities could arise for you to clear up your mess but you tell yourself that this person might never find out and so you’re safe.

Communicating your feelings early in a relationship is essential for the following reasons:


1). It clears up all the doubts


Being in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you won’t have doubts about him occasionally.

Sometimes, you just wonder if the person really likes you at all or maybe he is just playing along.

Making an effort to actually talk with this person about your feelings, goes a long way in clearing up your doubts.

2). It creates honesty and trust 

Whenever you open up to someone about the way you feel, it makes him trust you like never before.

When you’re angry about something that your partner did and you summon the courage to confront this person, it helps the relationship to grow.

In return, the other person learns to be honest with you too and trust becomes embedded in the relationship.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, try to be more honest and transparent with your partner.

3). It prevents quarrels and terrible fights

Talking to your friend or partner about your exact feelings actually saves you the pain of being caught red-handed.

When you pick up the courage to confess your wrongdoings instead of waiting till you’re caught, helps to prevent quarrels or terrible fights.

4). It makes the relationship stronger

When two people make the habit of discussing their feelings, they build trust between them and trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Trust and communication make relationships strong and successful.


Reasons why communication is important in your relationship

5). It prevents assumptions


When two people talk to each other about everything, it makes less room for assumptions.

There won’t be a need for you to assume you know the actions of another person when both of you are transparent and open to each other.

6). It makes you more open and less secretive

Over-secretive people who learn to talk to their partners, become more open over a period of time.

When you create the habit of talking, the tendency to hide inside your shell disappears. 

7). It helps you understand each other 

There is no doubt that communicating in the right way brings about an understanding between two people.

The more you communicate with someone, the better you understand him or her.

8). It creates a deep bond between you

It is normal to feel attached to someone you talk to often.

Because, you’ve come to know and understand each other, bonding comes easily. You don’t have to fight or beg for it.

9). It makes you a better person

Being able to loosen up and talk to someone, makes you a better person.

You realize that you have so much confidence in yourself after opening up.


Communication is one of the fundamental keys to a successful relationship.

It creates room for honesty, trust and strong ties between two people. Without communication, a good relationship could die.


If you’re struggling to communicate effectively with your partner, I recommend this Conversation Starters guide to help you tackle tough topics of romance, finances, and family that impact your relationship.





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