25 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100

Where in the world would you find the perfect gift for your mother? Is there any gift that can be more perfect than her love for you? I don’t think there is…

A mother’s love is priceless, sweet and unconditional; a mother can do anything for her child even if it means her going hungry. I lost my mom at the age of 12 so I never get the chance to give any special gifts to any special woman on Mother’s day.

So, if your mom is still alive, make sure you cherish her and shower her with love every time you get the chance. Mother’s day will be coming up soon… And it’s a day when we celebrate the awesome women in our lives.

I hear Mother’s day in the US will be on the 13th of May this year. The dates may differ in many countries so you need to keep your ears to the ground so you don’t miss the special occasion to give your mom a priceless gift.

I don’t know what your mom means to you but I know that she deserves your love and you can show her love by making her feel special. How can you make your mom feel special? By getting her a bottle of perfume, a set of pots or a box of candles?

You’ve been itching to give her something fun, beautiful, and sweet…just like her! BUT – you didn’t want it to break the bank! You’re so lucky you’ve got me doing the dirty work for you!

I know it is hectic searching for the perfect gift and that is why I’ve helped you search on Etsy and some other favorite online stores for the most fantastic gifts for mother’s day.

I’ve patiently made a collection of priceless gifts that you can get for that special woman in your life. Don’t worry, most of the gifts are under $100. Browse through the comprehensive list and make your choices. You can choose up to five or more gifts at once. I’m sure mom won’t mind!

25 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100

1. Etsy Family Tree Necklace


This design is a personalized necklace that can be hand stamped with the names of your family members, making it your own wearable family tree. It makes a great gift for Mother’s Day. The style is unique and holds special meaning for the wearer.

Made out of solid sterling silver, the pendant features two rings. The larger ring is accented with a small leaf and the names you request during checkout. The smaller circle has a flower made out of glass enamel fused to copper.

2. Etsy Spa Gift Set

Whether it’s the enjoyment of a long bath at the end of the day, relaxing with a good book or just treating your friends and loved ones, this Sweet Sense Spa Gift Basket is the perfect choice. I know mom will adore it because all the products are natural and handmade.

All Natural Bath Set includes: ❀ Grapefruit Soap Bar (full size) ❀ Yalng Yalng Orange Natural Soap Bar (full size) ❀ Grapefruit Body Scrub ❀ Lemongrass Body Oil ❀ Bath Salts in a jar ❀ 2 Large Bath Bombs ❀ Natural Lip Balm ❀ Face Towel ❀ Luffa Sponge ❀ Gorgeous box finished off with elegant ribbon and Lizush tag. Mom has been working so hard to take care of her family and loved ones, it’s time someone else took care of her.

3. Etsy Birthstone Necklace


This is a beautiful cascading gemstone necklace with a personalized bar charm that will gorgeously represent family or friends. This makes a perfect and meaningful gift for a loved one. Get this Birthstone Necklace for mom to remind her that her family loves her! When you want to order, remember to leave a note in the message box at checkout with the details of your order.

4. Etsy Handwriting Bracelet


Add a personalized heartfelt message for that special women in your life. You don’t need lots of words to portray your love for her. Just get her this beautiful Handwriting Bracelet and she will understand. Most times, our words don’t show how much we care; only our actions do. Remind mom of your undying love for her with this gift!

5. Etsy Mother-Daughter Necklaces

The love between a mother & daughter lasts an eternity. Awww! What better way to tell your mom you love her than by getting her this wonderful necklace? It is a high quality delicate link chain with a premium clasp. Both necklaces are gift boxed together on the above gift card.

It is crafted with hand & heart just for you! I hear this item is selling like hot cakes, so if you don’t get there quickly and it gets sold out, you could try this Etsy Mother/daughter pendant or this Necklace set.

6. Etsy Acorn Necklace


Antiqued silver acorn locket is the perfect little canister necklace to hold something special: ashes from cremation, a rolled up note, small cutout or medication. It is perfect for a long chain or short chain. The top of the acorn twists firmly on so the contents are held tight and secure.

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The silver version is made of antiqued sterling silver plated solid brass with silver plated antiqued rope chain while the gold version made of solid brass with gold plated rope chain. Okay, just ignore all that grammar for a moment and appreciate the beauty of this Acorn necklace.

7. Etsy Chunky Throw Wool Blanket

Do I really need to describe this item? The picture has explained itself pretty well. This awesome throw blanket was made from merino wool in a small country across the ocean named Lithuania.

It is a gentle product made from a natural material. It can shed a little bit at first but only until the wool sets up. This Throw Blanket is not just warm but also gives micro massage to our body. It helps improve blood pressure too!


8. Etsy Boho Lace Clutch


If you’ve got a fashionista for a mom, I think she would love this Boho Lace Clutch featuring dotted hedges that encircle dainty ivory lace flowers. This crochet clutch features ivory lace atop a champagne body and a brass clasp. You can accompany this pretty clutch with some pretty pearls!

9. Etsy Bath Bomb Set


This small spa gift set includes 4 lavender essential oil bath bombs or 2 bath bombs and a bar of Lavender Lemongrass. It is the perfect relaxing Spa Gift for your mom, grand mom or aunt. The bath bombs are made with tons of Epsom salt so they are detoxifying and therapeutic for the skin.

Epsom salt has a high mineral content of magnesium and sulfur which draw toxins from the body, sedate the nervous system and is used for exfoliation and skin softening. Did you know that lavender oil has a relaxing sedative aromatherapy effect great for an evening bath? I’m sure you didn’t!

10. Iris Planter + Chevron Stand


With this planter and metal stand, mom gets to put her favorite plants on a pedestal. You know she doesn’t take her baby plants for granted? Seeing them grow healthy gives her so much joy.

In a stone and cement composite material, the Planter is lightweight and easy to move, while the powder-coated steel base lifts it off the ground for a lighter, airier display. Let long tendrils hang over the edge for extra drama. You will thank me later!

11. Sidesh Pink Area Rug


Give her this beautiful pink Sidesh Rug on mother’s day to help her decorate her living room or bedroom. Her heart will be filled with warmth and love for you each time she steps on it! This Hand-tufted Rug is pure bliss and this Wool Rug feels like heaven!


12. Virginia Beige/Red Area Rug

When mom rolls out this Charming Rug, she will put the focus on her floor and anchor any ensemble in her neat home with classic sophistication. Brimming with traditional elegance, it will effortlessly elevate her aesthetic. You can help mom design her home by rolling this rug out in her foyer to greet guests with welcoming style, then complement the botanical print by dotting the walls with framed floral art.

If you want to give her space a refresh, start by adding a simple gray linen bench and an oak-finished coffee table, then top the table with a stack of glossy fashion books, a trio of golden candlesticks and a blooming bouquet of flowers for a dazzling display.

13. 52 Lists for Happiness Journal


I don’t know about your mom but I know many moms love making lists! They stress about a million things they need to do everyday and a zillion things they need to get from the store every week. Get your mom this Happiness Journal to inspire her to seek out her deeply personal bliss.

This won’t only ease her stress but it will also provide an immediate mood boost  with its charming aesthetics alone. Social media influencer, Moorea Seal created this journal based upon happiness research and her own philosophy.

14. Block Print Napkin Set


You know mom loves to keep her napkins neat at all times. Help her do just that by buying her a new set of print Napkins for her kitchen! Get it Now! If they are all sold out, check out the Casals Blue Napkins or the French stripe napkins.

15. “You’re the Mom” Framed Wall Art


You can surprise your mother with this framed wall art. When she gets to hang it on her living room or bedroom wall, she will never forget your love for her. Order Now!


16. “My Mom is the Best” Framed Wall Art


Pay tribute to your mother with the “My Mom is the Best” Framed Wall Art. Featuring beautiful white lettering inside of a dark wooden frame, this wall art is perfect for mom’s office or bedroom and conveniently comes ready to hang.

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17. Dani Earrings and Elisa Necklace Gift Set


The dainty Dani Earrings and Elisa Necklace is the definition of a perfect pair. These two fan-favorite styles are made to be worn together, and pre-boxed in a stylish Gift Set just for you. If this item is sold out, try this Pearl Necklace or this Pearl Jewelry Set.


18. Etsy Mom Jewelry

Celebrate her family with this petite mixed metal necklace, handmade just for her, with FOUR interlocking rings, each stamped with the names, dates or words that are special to her. The circles symbolize infinite love, protection and unity. The FOUR circles were made separate and freely moving, yet linked together, like a family. This necklace makes a meaningful gift for a wife or mother.

19. Etsy I Love You Bracelet


They formed each of these bangles by hand from heavy gauge wire and they tumbled them for shine and strength. They also used the words DEAR MOM, I love you” to engrave across the bangles. Awww! So few words with such a powerful message. This bracelet is available in gold, rose gold and silver (sterling silver band with stainless steel disc). All charms are optional!

20. Mother’s Day Floral Monogram Throw Pillow



Celebrate Mom all year long with the Mother’s Day Floral Throw Pillow.  I love this pillow because it features a colorful floral motif with the words “Best Mom Ever” across the front. You can personalize it with her monogram for a custom look.


21. “Out of All the Moms” Oblong Throw Pillow



Show some love with this ”Out of All the Mom’s” oblong throw pillow.  What a powerful to tell your mom you couldn’t wish for a better mom. You would choose her without hesitation if you had another chance.  Oh, that is so lovely! You would literally melt mom’s heart with this throw pillow.

22. Unwritten Crystal Heart Charm Bracelet


Mom- where life begins and live never ends. So cute! The adorable heart disc represents the everlasting love of mom in this adjustable bangle bracelet created by Unwritten in stainless steel with crystal accent. Item comes displayed on a lovely gift card.


23. Decor Hanging Chair Hammock


Add a unique seating element to your mom’s indoor or outdoor space. You can use this Hanging Chair Hammock with a C-stand. The swing features a durable cotton and polyester canvas construction that makes it perfect for placement indoors or outdoors. It also has durable rope attached to sanded hardwood poles to form and keep its shape. Give mom a cool way to relax this summer with this Hanging Hammock.

24. Oversized Rustic Wood Wall Clock


This oversized Rustic Wood 24″ Wall Clock is one of the best sellers and for good reason – this wonderfully shabby elegant wall clock really gives that country home decor or rustic decor character that you cannot find anywhere else!

The simple beauty of it is amazing and it plays a part in giving that shabby elegant decor or rustic home decor that mommy would love! It is gorgeous in kitchens, living rooms or anywhere you want to complete that French country decor look!

25. Handcrafted Garden Tool Set


Using traditional blacksmithing techniques in his Montana workshop, Tuli hand-forges steel to create the five pieces in this heirloom-quality gardening set, finishing each one with a smooth black walnut handle.

It includes: a large planting trowel, a narrow perennial trowel, a square hand hoe, a Pointed hand hoe and a three-tined rake. If mom has a beautiful garden in her backyard, you know she would definitely adore this gift!

I couldn’t help but add this last one:

**Bonus Gift Idea**

26. 7-Piece Indoor Garden Tool Set


I just had to give you another garden tool set to choose from. This 7-piece Garden Tool and tote set from Pure Garden has everything you need for your home gardening projects. Included in the set is a pruner, snip, rake, trowel, shovel, spray bottle, soft wire tie and a canvas tote bag.

The roomy canvas tote bag features double carry straps and seven outside pockets with five elastic straps to neatly store all your gardening tools. It is perfect for tending to small gardens and indoor plants. If I had a mom, I would buy this gardening set for her right away!


Phew! I’m finally done here! The ball is in your court now. Don’t stress over it. Just think of your mom and get the perfect gift that would suit her needs. If you don’t find anything you like, just drop by OUR SHOP and go through other collections of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Are you ready?

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