5 Things You Should Know When Dating an Introvert

Are you dating an introvert? You need to know some things about being in a relationship with them. Introverts make an average of 50% in our society which means we all have one introvert in our life.

Most people have misunderstood introverts to being aloof or shy without realizing that they have many desirable qualities that make them unique.

Introverts love people but they do not love spending too much of their time around people. They get energy from being alone and they don’t mind spending time in solitude.

If you are dating an introvert, it’s important to understand their personality traits so you can have a thriving and healthy relationship with them.

Here is a list of what you should understand when you are in a relationship with an introvert;


                   Dating an introvert

1. An introvert takes a while to open up to others

You need to have a great deal of patience when dating an introvert because they always need time to feel comfortable with you. Most introverts have been heartbroken in relationships because their partners leave them for lack of understanding.

Introverts need mental encouragement and most people do not give them that. Show an introvert that you find them interesting and worthy of talking to, they will open up to you because of your support.

2. They require a lot of time alone to restore their energy

You need to respect their boundaries because they acquire energy from spending time in solitude. Although, they don’t mind having fun and going places, they also need time to themselves so they can decompress and rejuvenate.

Introverts put their self-care and self-love at a high priority so spending time alone allows them the chance to slow down and work on their mental and spiritual health.

Don’t make them feel guilty or wrong for needing some space instead, support them and understand that they can be a better partner to you if you allow them some time to recharge their batteries.

3. Introverts love having deep, stimulating conversation

Introverts may not show off their conversation skills when you first meet them, but you should give them a chance to warm up to you.

They don’t like small talks, they enjoy conversations that teach them something new or challenges their opinion. When you get to know them well, you will find them so warm and appealing.

4. They stay away from loud, crowded places

Introverts always avoid noisy and bustling places, they would rather spend their time out quietly, some or with someone special. They do things in small doses. The hectic environment of most places tends to overwhelm their senses as they have a high sensitivity to stimuli.

5. Introverts may have a hard time sharing their feelings with you

Introverts have a high sensitivity to energies and feelings. Sometimes, they feel overwhelmed by the conflicting and turbulent frequencies in the world. An introvert might retreat into their shell from time to time, afraid of feeling too vulnerable.

Don’t pressure them if they don’t want to open up just yet, simply tell them they can talk to you whenever they feel the need to do so.

This will show them that you support them but also care about hearing what they feel deep down inside. They just need someone to make them feel safe and loved, so offer this to them and they will eventually pour their heart out to you.

Are you dating an introvert? What else should we know about dating an introvert?

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4 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Know When Dating an Introvert

  1. I would say that you hit the nail on the head. When something is bothering me my wife knows it she say ” you shut down ” and I have heard that all my life. I have tried to explain but no one listens.

    1. Hi Millz, I’m an introvert too so I totally get you! No one can really understand no matter how many times you explain. Don’t bother about what others say; just live your life the best way you can.

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