5 Effortless Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

Boost your sex drive

Does your partner have a high sex drive while you struggle to get in the mood? Are you looking for effortless ways to boost your sex drive? Don’t sweat it! There are some marriages where sex drive is equal for both partners but in most cases, it’s not.

And feeling like your sex drives aren’t on the same level can be a HUGE problem for a lot of couples. One person always wants sex more than the other and that inevitably leads to tension!

There comes a time in our life whether we are single or in a relationship where our body goes into shutdown mode and doesn’t want to respond sexually. Why does this happen to us?

While there are many health-related reasons why we have a low sex drive, there are also physical and mental things that we often drag into bed with us. Many people go to bed with a million thoughts in their mind; they are either business-related decisions, work problems or baggage belonging to ex-lovers.

We are constantly distracted by our thoughts, so how can we feel aroused and sexual when we can’t fully relax into our body? The constant distraction can cause our bodies to go into shutdown mode, unable to respond to pleasure and arousal.

Men, on the other hand, seem to be ready for sex all the time and they have no difficulty in turning their radar on but women aren’t built that way. We find it a lot harder to get aroused for sex because when we are stressed, worried or exhausted, it affects our sex life.

I wish I could say you would have much success in changing your partner’s sex drive but that’s impossible. I’ve found out that one of the biggest roadblocks to great sex is that most women don’t understand how libido works for us because it’s so different than how it works for guys.

Most women think that if they are not ready to go then they must not be in the mood and soon they start to worry that maybe they don’t really like sex. But, what if I told you that libido for women doesn’t tend to act like that?

When we stop waiting for our bodies to tell us, “I’m ready to go”, and start learning to think differently, suddenly everything falls into place. And if you’re sitting around waiting to “feel in the mood”, you could be waiting for a very long time.

You need to stop waiting for your body to get in the mood for sex; you simply have to boost your sex drive so you can always be ready for some hot, steamy sex! How can you do this?

Boost your sex drive

5 Effortless to Boost Your Sex Drive

#1 Get Rid of Relationship Resentment

In a relationship, fights are bound to occur but sometimes, we tend to carry accumulated resentments that can involve constant disagreements. This can easily result in not having any sexual desire for your partner because you’ve gotten to the point of resenting him so much that you don’t want to make love to him.

Any time I have a serious argument with my boyfriend, I deny him sex because I’m angry at him. And as long as I carry that grudge, I don’t feel any sexual desire for him. But, when we settle our differences, I realize I crave his touch more than anything else.

Sexual desire is a bit fragile and if those resentments multiply over time, it can cause serious emotional stress if you don’t get rid of them. Clear your resentments by telling your partner how he has offended you so you can forgive him and settle your misunderstandings.

If you don’t talk to him and you keep harboring those resentments in your heart, your low libido will eventually become NO libido. Get rid of those resentments NOW!

#2 Relax more, get enough sleep and eat well

The body is a funny thing; it gives us signals when something is wrong but most times, we ignore those signs and keep postponing necessary rest and good food. Being burned out and not giving yourself enough time to rest and replenish can leave you with absolutely no energy for sex!

When you constantly eat junk because you have no time to cook a proper meal, you’re denying yourself of much need nutrients that can nurture your body and make it function well.

It’s important to eat foods that make you feel energized, healthy and clear-headed instead of foods that drain you. Make out time to prepare healthy and nourishing meals so your body will get all the nutrients it needs to function.

#3 Release your body tension

Take regular deep breaths and exhale slowly to evacuate the tensions gathered in your body. If bodily tensions are released, there will be an improvement in the flow of sensations and you will be in the mood to make love to your partner.

But when you feel tensed or worried, you won’t feel any sensations in your body. Take the time to get rid of all the tensions in your body and learn to relax even when you don’t feel like resting. The more energy blocks you dissolve, the lighter your body feels.

#4 Think positive thoughts

I’ve realized that when I focus more on positive thoughts rather than negative ones, I tend to experience better things in my life and my relationship. Don’t think about the acne on your chest rather focus on another part of your body that you love.

Stop thinking about how unsexy you feel, instead, imagine yourself having the sexiest body in the world. When you think positive thoughts often, you’ll begin to manifest them in your life. So, say goodbye to self-esteem killing thoughts and only let positive thoughts into your mind. It won’t be easy but you can do it!

#5 Try erotic massages

Do you know that touch affects our entire organism? It’s ten times stronger than verbal or emotional contact and it affects everything we do. Our hands are the most incredible tools of the human body.  No other sense can arouse you like touch!

When you feel an absence of sexual desire for your spouse, try erotic massages to get things going in the bedroom apartment. I’ve discovered that erotic massage is the fastest way to make a woman more receptive to sex because it makes your muscles relax while arousing you.

Boost your sex drive

So, if you want to boost your sex drive, you and your partner need to get a Massage course that can show you how to stimulate each other sexually before, during and after sex. It will greatly improve your sex life.

Do you feel you’ve hit the wall when it comes to “bedroom time?” What if I told I have just the solution to help you take your sex drive to a whole new level? If making love feels more like a chore than pleasure…

If you often feel too physically and mentally exhausted or too tired for sex… If pleasing your partner is just one more thing on your “to do” list… If you feel guilty for rejecting your spouse countless times…

I highly recommend the Boost Your Libido course to help you increase your sex drive. It was created solely for women who have low sex drives and need help increasing it. It is a 10-module video-based course that has lots of information and awesome exercises that will get you anticipating sex more!

It takes you step-by-step through understanding what libido actually is, and shows you how simple thought changes and routine changes can work wonders in helping you look forward to sex. The Boost Your Libido course is a powerful course that will help you get to the point where you’re actually anticipating sex with a lot of enthusiasm!

Boost your sex drive

The Boost Your Libido Course will teach you:

~ How what you think impacts your libido

~ How your hormones, diet and exercise impacts your libido

~ How to love your body so that you can enjoy flaunting it

~ How to get over past hurts and see sex as a good thing

~And what to do if sex is just so boring or doesn’t feel that great.

Here’s a sneak peek into the course curriculum:

Module 1: What is Libido?

Module 2: Making Sexy a Good Thing!

Module 3: Why Multi-tasking is Bad for Your Libido

Module 4: Libido—Don’t Overthink it!

Module 5: Making Hormones Your Friend

Module 6: Your Body Matters, just not the Way You Think!

Module 7: Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin

Module 8: When it doesn’t Feel Good

Module 9: Making Sex Exciting

Module 10: Why Emotional Vulnerability is Sexy!


When you enroll for the course, you’ll also get the Boost Your Libido eBook, filled with 122 pages of information on libido FREE! Put that all together and you’ll find that sex is something that you can start anticipating not avoiding. Enroll for the course and start an amazing journey to great sex and a happy relationship!


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