9 Best Online Intimacy Courses to Improve Your Relationship

9 best online intimacy courses to improve your relationship

I’m always on the lookout for the best and easy ways to help you improve your relationship and today, I have just the perfect thing for you. I’m really excited because I’m going to share with you the best online intimacy courses that will improve your relationship.

I strongly believe communication and intimacy are the two foundations of a strong relationship; without them, a relationship will struggle and eventually fall apart.

If you want to improve your relationship, I recommend you work on your intimacy and communication skills first before focusing on other areas.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’re just entering a new relationship, having the right bedroom skills will eliminate most problems couples face in their relationships.

If you’re great in bed, your partner will be totally obsessed with you and you’ll never have to worry about infidelity in your relationship.

To help you cheat-proof your relationship, I’m going to recommend 9 best online intimacy courses that will improve your love life and your relationship in general.


9 best online intimacy courses to improve your relationship

#1 Respark the Romance

9 best online intimacy courses to improve your relationship

Many couples have the wrong idea about what their partner wants romantically so they end up making silly mistakes during lovemaking that negatively affect their love life.

If you want to be great in bed, you need to first learn how to be romantic towards your partner all the time.

Romance doesn’t just start when you want to have intercourse, it should be included in your everyday life to show your partner how much you love him.

If you want to be rewarded with desire, intimacy, and great lovemaking on a regular basis, get a copy of Respark The Romance to help you skyrocket your relationship.

#2 100 Intimate Games

100 intimate games you can play with your partner tonight

Do you ever feel like your love life is a bit boring or routine like? It’s probably because you’ve run out of new and exciting things to try out in the bedroom with your partner.

All relationships get boring at some time but it depends on the partners involved to get out of their comfort zones and put in some more effort to revive the spark in your intimate relationship.

If you’re in search of exciting things to do in the bedroom, try 100 intimate games to help you increase the passion in the bedroom and fire up your love life. These passionate games are a great way to enjoy more intimacy, have fun and feel closer to your partner.

#3 Language of Desire

9 best online intimacy courses to improve your relationship

Dirty talk can be beneficial to your love life and your relationship in so many ways; it creates anticipation, awakens your inner senses, builds arousal and creates intimacy between lovers.

The language of desire will teach you powerful dirty talk phrases you can use to get your partner in the mood, during foreplay, and during lovemaking.

You will learn how to get started talking dirty and how to build it up gradually so you are comfortable and confident when you say them.

Dirty talk can improve your love life and your relationship beyond your imagination. You won’t know it until you try it!

#4 How to Be a Great Kisser (The Ultimate Guide)

Most people decide whether or not to date a particular person after the first kiss. Kissing is an important aspect of romance; it’s the first step to intimacy.

If you’ve ever kissed a man, felt your toes curl and your heart soar and let yourself think you might have finally found “the one” only to end up disappointed and heartbroken again as he pulls away without even telling you why…

If you’re bad at kissing, a guy will get the wrong impression and decide not to date you because of a lack of connection.

You need to get this Ultimate Kissing Guide that will show you exactly what to do to have him adoring you, savoring you and treating you like the most beautiful and attractive woman in the world.

#5 Jack’s Blowjob lessons

9 best online intimacy courses to improve your relationship

All sane men love blowjobs and if you’re horrible at giving oral, you’re definitely putting your relationship on the line.

A recent study from Men’s Health magazine shows 44% of men would leave a woman they love for another with better oral skills. How crazy is that?

This literally means having a vagina is not enough to satisfy a man and keep him committed to you; you need other bedroom skills that can give him immense pleasure.

Since most men don’t want to hurt your feelings, they’ll pretend and say “That was great” when they are thinking of dumping you.

If you’re bad in bed, your man can easily cheat on you with another woman. If you really want to keep your man, you need to know how to please him beyond his imagination.

If you want to please him and make him the happiest man on earth, Jack’s blowjob lessons will help you achieve it. It is the best guide on blowjobs I can recommend to you because of how life-changing it is.

#6 Revolutionary Lovemaking guide

Best online intimacy courses


It turns out that along with a strong desire to have a better life, everyone wants more and better lovemaking because of how important intimacy is to a romantic relationship.

In this Revolutionary Lovemaking Guide, you will learn 3 things you can do to a woman to give her the best orgasms of her life, learn how her body works and how to satisfy her in bed.

If you’re a guy who finds it difficult satisfying a woman in bed due to a lack of adequate lovemaking skills, this course will teach you all you need to know to please a woman.

#7 500 Intimate Questions for Couples

The hallmark of any great relationship is excellent communication and those who have the most satisfying intimate lives are committed couples who are great communicators when it comes to intimacy.

If you want a lifetime of hot passionate lovemaking, you have to consistently talk about intimacy with your partner.

In this course, you’ll find questions that build trust and create a romantic foundation that should be first laid before getting to the hot questions.

There are also certain questions that should be asked by couples who are truly committed to each other. They will help you discover more about your partner’s secret intimate fantasies.

Whether you’re engaged, newlywed or have been married for a long time, the 500 Intimate Questions for Couples will help to create a deep connection between you and your spouse.

#8 Learn 2 Lick guide

9 best online intimacy courses to improve your relationship

Most men find it challenging navigating a woman’s body because they’ve not taken the time to study it. Do you know that about 75% of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone?

Most women fake their orgasm just to make their partner feel good about themselves. They need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm but they are too shy or scared to ask their partner for help.

Would you know what to do if the woman you are dating tells you that she cannot achieve orgasm?

In “Learn2Lick” course you’ll be given basic information on how to make her achieve orgasms with just your tongue and fingers.

This Oral Intimacy Guide for Men provides simplified illustrations and explanations on how to give a woman toe-curling and mind-blowing orgasms.

The “Learn 2 Lick” course promises to give you the ultimate oral lessons that will improve your love life. These unique lessons will teach you exactly what to do when giving oral.

#9 Boost Your Libido course

How to boost your libido

Does your partner have a high drive for intimacy while you struggle to get in the mood? Are you looking for effortless ways to boost your libido? Don’t sweat it!

There are some marriages where libido is equal for both partners but in most cases, it’s not.

And feeling like your libido isn’t on the same level can be a huge problem for a lot of couples. One person always wants intimacy more than the other and that inevitably leads to tension!

Are you always too tired to get in the mood for lovemaking? If you often feel too physically and mentally exhausted or too tired for intercourse…

If pleasing your partner is just one more thing on your “to-do” list… If you feel guilty for rejecting your spouse countless times…

I highly recommend the Boost Your Libido course to help you increase your desire for intimacy. It was created solely for women who have low libidos and need help increasing it.

It is a 10-module video-based course that has lots of information and awesome exercises that will get you anticipating intercourse more!


The first step to having a successful relationship is being willing to make it work. I’ve given you a list of 9 best online intimacy courses that will revive your intimate relationship; it’s up to you to put in the effort.

If you don’t actively work to improve your relationship, your relationship is doomed to fail. Did you know bad intercourse and unsatisfactory intimate life are the major reasons why most relationships fail?

If you are not willing to find out your partner’s intimate needs and fulfill them, they will find someone else who can. It will lead to them cheating on you and definitely leaving you for someone who knows what they are doing in the bedroom.

If you’re ready to be great in bed, do yourself a favor and invest in of the 9 best online intimacy courses I’ve mentioned in this post. Your relationship will thank you for it.


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