The Do’s and Don’ts of Proposing to Your Partner

Do's and Dont's of proposing to your partner

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Proposing to your partner can be one of the scariest times of your life but if you get it right, it can also be one of the most memorable and amazing events of your life!

I’m going to give you some do’s and don’ts of proposing to your partner so you have a good idea of how it should go. Put these tips in mind so you don’t make deadly mistakes that could ruin your relationship and leave you disappointed.


The Do's and Don't of proposing to your partner

1. Do Consider Their Personality When Proposing to Them

Everybody is different; your partner might like a proposal where it’s just the two of you, while somebody else might enjoy being proposed to in a restaurant surrounded by a lot of people.

This all depends on their personality and what you think they are going to enjoy. You really don’t want to embarrass them when you propose or make them feel like they have to say yes. They should not be under pressure.

If your partner is an introvert, consider a quiet and romantic proposal with just the two of you but if she’s an extrovert, feel free to propose to her in a social gathering.

2. Don’t Propose If You Haven’t Both Discussed Marriage

If you haven’t discussed marriage with your partner, how do you know that this is what they want? If you’ve not been with your partner for a long time, you can’t truly know if this person is right for you or not.

It’s all too easy to get swept up in the early days of a relationship and think you’re going to be with somebody forever during the honeymoon period, but once that wears off, a relationship can be quite different!

Discuss the idea of marriage with your partner and hear what they think. If they seem excited about the idea, go ahead and propose but if she seems unsure, give her some time to think about it.

3. Do Make It A Surprise

It’s always nice if a proposal is a surprise, however you decide you’re going to do it. This means you’ll need to do your best to keep it to yourself, or at least only tell people that you know won’t say anything.

If you decide to tell a few people, choose only the closest people whom you trust and make sure you plan everything in secret. If your girlfriend knows about the proposal before time, it won’t be so exciting for her.

The Do's and Don'ts of proposing to your partner

4. Don’t Pick The Ring If They Want To Choose It Themselves

Picking the ring can cause a lot of stress if you’re unsure what they are going to want to wear forever – the ring is a huge commitment! In many cases, they might actually want to pick the ring themselves.

You can still keep the proposal a secret, but if you know they want to choose it you should have something else to present them with. You can then browse sites like together and even plan a day out shopping.

Choosing the ring together can be another special event! If you want it to be a total surprise, tell one of her closest friends to show her a collection of rings and see what design she likes.


5. Do Think Of Something Authentic And Sweet To Say

Rather than just saying ‘will you marry me’ think of something authentic and sweet to say along with it. Say what’s in your heart but be romantic enough to win your woman’s heart.

You could say something like “Will you be the mother of my unborn children?” or ”Make me the happiest man on earth by being my wife”. Just be yourself and convey your feelings in your words.

6. Don’t Do It In Front Of Their Family

Doing it in front of their family might put them under pressure and be embarrassing for them. Give them the privacy they deserve and propose in front of only a few friends.

7. Do Give Them Time To Think About It

If your partner doesn’t accept your proposal right away, don’t pressure them to say yes. Give them time to think about it – they might not want to say yes at the moment due to some reasons that are best known to them! Respect that!

8. Don’t Make It Too Complicated

Although you want to think outside the box, making it too complicated can also make it more stressful, as more things can go wrong. Just keep the proposal simple and chic! Don’t go overboard with the planning; be calm and follow your heart.


What do you consider a do/don’t of proposing to your partner?


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