4 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Dream Wedding in Rome

4 reasons why you should have your dream wedding in Rome

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Are you thinking of having your dream wedding in Rome? You totally should! Rome is the most romantic city in the world and it’s the perfect spot for your dream wedding.

Rome is a city known all around the world for its beautiful scenery. All four corners of the globe have heard of this great city for one reason or another.

It’s one of the most antiquated cities in the world with buildings, statues, sculptures and traditions that are still upheld today after thousands of years of their creation.

Your wedding can take place in one of the most beautiful beaches along the Amalfi coast, in the mountains, in the heart of the city of Italy or in the Tuscan countryside.

It’s a blessed city with sunshine and cool breeze all at the same time. One might even consider calling Rome the city of classical paradise with the iconic picture of Italy, where love and power rest side by side.

However, what really makes Rome unique is that the foundations that were laid by the Roman Empire still exist. You still have the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman forum still standing. If you are a lover of culture, architecture and good food, you’re going to fall in love with this country.

Of course, nowadays you have modern government buildings and Parliament in the city also but the ancient steps of the city and the guards that perform national ceremonies only add to the atmosphere.


If you’re looking for the perfect wedding destination, here are 4 reasons why you should have your dream wedding in Rome.


1. Religion is sacred here

If you’re a Catholic there’s no greater place on earth to get married than in Rome. It’s not just where the Vatican or the Pope resides, but it also has many churches that are in honor of the nation’s most beloved saints.

If you want a religious wedding in the traditional Catholic sense, then you should have your dream wedding in Rome.

There are many Catholic ceremonies done in Roman churches that you simply cannot find anywhere else. At the very least, they may not be performed in the correct manner everywhere else.

For authenticity and originality for your Catholic wedding, Rome is the perfect place to take your vows. If you want a civil ceremony or a protestant wedding or even a Jewish wedding, you will find the perfect spot for it in Rome.

2. Romantic scenery

Dream wedding in Rome

Do I have to tell you about how romantic Rome is? They call Paris the city of lights and Rome the city of antiquity. Here you will find some of the best art works that portray some of the ancient heroes and politicians alike.

Every corner of Rome has magnificent sights; it is a scenic spot for incredible wedding photographs and even videos. From the great statues of Octavius to the modern day icon of Pavarotti, in Rome so much handcrafted beauty exists.

If you want to fully capture the romantic scenes in Rome you have to use an expert photographer like Andrea Matone to take your wedding photographs. You and your spouse-to-be will be surrounded by architecture that has only gotten more beautiful as it has aged.

You will have the opportunity to create perfect wedding memories by taking brilliantly lit and stylized photographs with the knowledge of such an expert. Thankfully, the photographer is also a native of the country so he would know the perfect locations to choose for the best wedding photographs.

3. Perfect weather

Rome is bathed in sunlight for most of the year and the climate is mild in all seasons. Most Italian locations have amazing outdoor areas where you can host your wedding reception.

So if one of your key requirements for your wedding is to make sure that the day is bright and beautiful, then a city like Rome should definitely satisfy you. It’s a reliable wedding location as the city has many long days throughout the year.

Rome is among the top destinations in the world to get married. It’s clear to see why because sunshine is almost guaranteed and the architecture is second to none. Beauty surrounds you on every corner, so getting married in the city makes perfect romantic sense.

4. Luxurious food

Dream wedding in Rome

No wedding reception can be complete without tasty food and wine. You can have all of that in Rome. Dining is an amazing experience to be enjoyed and savored in this beautiful country.

You can request for a typical Italian buffet dinner that will normally begin with a very generous aperitif with drinks and delicacies served in a buffet style.

Do as the Romans do and enjoy this elegant style of eating on your special occasion. Rome is a real paradise for genuine Italian cuisine lovers.


Choose to celebrate your dream wedding in Rome, one of the most romantic and enchanting countries in the world. Rome offers the best backdrop you can desire for a perfect dream wedding. You will get an unforgettable wedding in Rome!


Where would you want to have your dream wedding?


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