7 Obvious Reasons Some Ladies are Still Single

Ladies are still single

Some time ago, at a friend’s wedding, someone asked me “why are you still single”? For five minutes, I stood there dumbfounded with my mouth hanging open, staring at this single lady who was asking another single lady why she was unmarried.

You know how Nigerians like responding to questions with questions? Well, I did exactly that! After recovering from my shock, I threw the question back at her “You, why are you still single”?

She immediately burst into laughter. When she was done laughing, she said: “Oh please, stop avoiding the question, answer it first”. I guess I wasn’t the only one who was skeptical about answering the question huh?

While she was busy laughing, I had enough time to ask myself the lingering question “Jennifer, why are you still single”? I had found my answer just right after she stopped laughing and I decided to tell her. I guess there is no harm in telling.

So I said, “Look, I’m going tell you why I’m still unmarried but you have to promise to tell me yours”. She agreed and I continued, “The real reason I’m still single is because I and my boyfriend are still trying to get stable in our careers and you know weddings cost a lot of money. I don’t want to get into a marriage financially unstable”.

She gave me a knowing smile and said “At least, you’ve found someone special. As for me, I’ve not found the right one yet”. On my way home after the wedding ceremony, I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation I had with my new acquaintance.

I knew we weren’t the only single ladies at the wedding and I have a lot of single friends who are yet to be married. I tried finding reasons why some ladies are still single so I asked my friends to tell me why they were yet to be married.

After a couple of days, I was able to come up with some very obvious reasons. Many ladies are still single and unmarried today because of the following reasons:


Ladies are still single


1. Fear of commitment: 

As surprising as it sounds, guys are not the only ones with commitment issues. Some ladies are actually scared to commit to one man for the rest of their lives. They feel they would lose out of life if they get married.

So, they choose to remain single because they want to have complete freedom from all the responsibility that comes with marriage. It’s not only the guys who are afraid of commitment, some ladies are too.

2. They haven’t found “the one”: 

Finding a husband could be as easy as snapping your fingers but finding “the one” isn’t always easy. It is one thing to be married to a good guy but it’s another thing to get married to a really special guy.

Some ladies are still waiting for that special guy who would sweep them off their feet and shower them with unconditional love. Not everyone is so lucky to meet their soul mate on time.

3. Financial instability: 

Some ladies aren’t scared of commitment and they’ve obviously found “the one” but they haven’t been able to tie the knot with the love of their life. Even though they are ready, they could be facing financial challenges or their partner isn’t financially stable at the moment.

Others like myself don’t want to go into a marriage broke and dependent on a husband. I don’t think it’s fair! I want to go into a marriage as a partner who is also bringing something to the table no matter how small.

4. Fear of the unknown: 

Some ladies are reluctant to marry someone because they are skeptical about the future. Even though they are committed to a guy, they fear what might happen after they get married.

They keep hesitating to accept a proposal from a man they love because they feel they might not make good wives or maybe the man’s family won’t accept them. Sometimes, the fear comes from the trauma of experiencing their parent’s broken marriage. To them, it’s safer to be single and happy!

Ladies are still single

5. They are not ready: 

Some ladies aren’t exactly ready to get married. They are still busy pursuing their dream careers and marriage isn’t at the top of their priority list. They want to attain all their career goals before settling down with a man.

Even if a thousand men propose to them, they will turn all of them down. Their career is their top priority at the moment and they won’t get married until they get to where they want to be.

6. They are too independent:

Some ladies are just too independent! I’m not saying a lady shouldn’t be independent; I personally love independence and the ability to stand on your own. But I don’t agree with the motto some ladies chant; “I don’t need a man to be happy”.

Some independent ladies feel they are too good for a man so they turn down every man who doesn’t measure up to their standards while they keep looking for someone who would measure up to their high standards financially and socially.

Men who love them try to get close to them but they end up feeling intimidated and unwanted. I think we can these type of women “Boss ladies” because of how successful and intimidating they are.

7. They are too picky:


It is not a crime to have a picture of who you want to spend the rest of your life with but being too picky isn’t always a good thing. Some ladies are still waiting for Prince Charming who is 6 feet tall, handsome, God-fearing and romantic with a large bank account to settle down with. I strongly advise them to start fasting and praying because they may never find him.


Some ladies have received countless marriage proposals but they’ve turned them all down. They are just too indecisive to make a choice. Any man who comes to marry them is either too short, too poor, too fat or too skinny. They find endless excuses to give to their suitors and in the end, they chase them away.


Although there are other possible reasons some ladies are still single and unmarried, I’ve managed to list out 7 obvious reasons. If you’ve been wondering why many ladies are getting married and others aren’t, I guess this post has answered that question.


What’s your opinion? Why do you think some ladies are still single?


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