9 Simple Tips to Make Your Wedding Incredible

How to make your wedding incredible

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Are you looking for simple ways to make your wedding incredible? I bet you are! If you’re planning a wedding you probably already know how stressful it can be. You need to find a venue, invite guests, find the perfect dress and that’s just the beginning.

Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable, but with so many different things to worry about what you originally wanted gets forgotten and your wedding becomes the complete opposite of what you were expecting.

To help prevent that, here are 9 ways, both big and small, that can help make your wedding incredible.


How to make your wedding incredible

1. Hold it in a Unique Location

While having a church wedding may seem like the right thing to do, there’s no one saying you can’t hold it at an incredibly unique location. People have held weddings in tee-pees, tree houses and even breweries!

Having a unique location where you won’t usually expect to see a wedding is the perfect way to make it unforgettable for you and your guests.

2. Have it Out of Season

Summertime is very busy when it comes to weddings, making it very expensive. Even if saving money may not be your main priority, having a wedding out of season can definitely save you quite a bit! Besides, imagine how beautiful a winter wedding in the snow would be?

3. Follow a Theme

Most weddings tend to have a loose theme and colour scheme, but if you want to take it a step further you can theme every aspect of your wedding – from the food and drinks to what your guests will wear. Popular choices include TV shows and movie themes like Disney, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

4. Create Beautiful Save the Dates and Invitations

Part of the fun of planning a wedding is being able to send out save the dates and invitations. While paper invitations are stunning, people are becoming much more creative with their designs and sending out messages in bottles, treasure chests and other creative ways.

You can find absolutely stunning wedding invitation designs at Pure Invitation’s wedding invites. For more inspiration and wedding ideas you can visit Pinterest.

5. Have a Destination Wedding

If you want a truly magical experience then why not consider having a destination wedding? Most times this comes as a package deal; a lot of agencies will be down to booking agents and resorts – all you need to do is plan your guests and your dress!

What could be better than getting married on a beach with your closest friends and family surrounding you? I can’t think of anything!  

How to make your wedding incredible

6. Keep it Intimate

Having a small wedding may seem like you’re missing out, but sometimes having just your closest and dearest there to celebrate with you can make it feel so much more special.

There are lots of different options for intimate weddings including a destination wedding, a small gathering in a beautiful setting or having a garden party for your friends and family. Sometimes the smaller the wedding, the better it is.

7. Have a Live Band at Your Ceremony

Although having a live band at your reception may be something you’ve considered, have you thought about having one at your ceremony too? If you’re walking down the aisle to a song then imagine how beautiful it will be to do that with a live band playing ‘your favourite wedding song’.

It will make the moment feel even more special than it already is, and you’ll forever be reminded of it whenever you hear the song.

8. Provide Plenty of Food and Drinks

Weddings naturally come with food and drinks, but making sure your guests are well fed and have plenty of drinks will ensure everyone is happy. Whether it’s having drinks on arrival or an open buffet and bar, you’ll remember the food and drink you had at your wedding for years to come.

9. Have a Photo booth For Guests to Create Memories

Now that everyone has smart phones the chances are they’ll be snapping away at every opportunity they get. If you want to switch things up a little and give them a new way to take photos, try getting a Photo booth that allows them to immediately take physical photographs away from the wedding.

They often come with some props and after a couple of drinks people start to get a little bit more creative, making some of the best memories! Of course, the bride and groom can take their own photos too!


These are some of the ways you can make your wedding incredible without breaking the bank or going into debt. Most of these ideas are really cheap to implement; you don’t need to spend unnecessarily to make your big day memorable. As long as you stick to a budget, you won’t go into financial crisis after the wedding.


Have you planned a wedding before? What tips did you use to make your wedding incredible? Let me know in the comments below!


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