5 Practical Ways to Minimize Wedding Costs

How to minimize wedding costs

When you’re planning for the big day, how do you go about deciding the must-haves and the not so important elements of your wedding and reception?

Why shouldn’t you have everything? After all, you may only get the chance to go all out once in your lifetime so compromise doesn’t feel like a path you want to take.

The biggest reason will no doubt be budget and unless you’re thinking of finding a guarantor for a wedding loan you’ll probably be trying to stretch the purse strings as far as they will go to cover everything you want.

I’m going to give you 5 practical ways to minimize wedding costs, reduce unnecessary expenses you might want to feature on your big day and save money to splash out on a honeymoon after all that hard work of getting married.


How to minimize wedding costs

1. Get married out of season

While most couples opt for a Spring or Summer wedding, there can be something incredibly romantic and beautiful about getting married on a cold, crisp Winter morning under a perfect blue sky.

Sure it’s going to be a little chilly but your wedding dress can be customized to give you a little extra warmth. The real plus is that the cost of most venues will be a whole lot cheaper.

You’ll still need to be careful as so many wedding venues come up with hidden costs during the negotiation process so check for corkage and other additions and definitely check that the quote given includes VAT.

You might also want to just check if you’ll be sharing the venue with any other wedding parties that day. It may sound exciting to others but if that makes you uncomfortable, it’s best to know in advance.

2. Cash in on family talents

Got an aunt who’s pretty awesome with flowers? Take a risk and ask if she’d be prepared to help out with the table arrangements, bouquets, and the buttonholes.

If you’re getting married in a church, chances are they’ll have a team of flower arrangers who will decorate pews for a small fee but if you’re getting married elsewhere then consider simple, country-style flower decor that is less ornate and definitely more romantic.

The same goes for your nephew’s burgeoning cake-making talents and your cousin’s large van, perfect for carrying over the wedding decor and loading up with wedding wine.

Friends and family, more often than not, will love the chance to be involved in your big day and feel like they’re lending you a hand. 

3. Stick to a budget

It’s very easy for couples to overspend during a wedding. They have a million things they want to buy to make their wedding successful and they tend to spend outside their budget. If you want to minimize wedding costs, you must stick to a budget and try not to overspend.

The best way to achieve this is by getting organized right away with a financial planner that’s going to help you plan and keep track of all your spending. You’ll be able to see where the majority of the money is being spent and start making some savings right there.

Make a list of high priority things you need to have during the wedding such as wedding rings, wedding dress, food, and drinks. Strikeout things that are not so important to make a wedding successful and try to work with the things you can afford to buy.

How to minimize wedding costs

4. Manage your finances together

As a couple planning to settle down together, managing your finances together should be a priority because lack of proper management of finances usually leads to the failure of a marriage. If you want to have a successful wedding and marriage, start talking about finances early on in your relationship.

Plan a budget together and make sure you stick to it together. You can also have joint bank accounts and the same savings goals. It would be much easier to handle your finances if you do it as a team. Work on your wedding budget together to help minimize wedding costs and unnecessary expenses.

5. Don’t borrow

When you don’t stick to a budget during a wedding, you will tend to overspend and then end up broke afterward. It may even get as bad as borrowing and getting into a marriage with a truck load of debt. This is going to cause a lot of fights between you and your spouse.

If you really want to minimize wedding costs, don’t fall into the temptation of borrowing money just to impress your wedding guests. Your wedding should signify your union together as man and wife and not a time to feed the whole nation.

Make your wedding simple yet memorable. Be disciplined enough to save for your wedding, manage your money as a couple and stick to a budget.


If you want to minimize wedding costs and have a successful wedding, implement these practical tips, keep things in perspective and focus on the fact that everyone is there to see you and your partner make some beautiful promises and that’s what counts!



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