17 Exciting Games for Couples Date Night at Home

Games for couples date night at home

Love is an exciting feeling especially in the early stages of a relationship when everything seems rosy and magical.

But, if you’ve been with a particular person for a long time, you tend to do the same things over and over. And you know how boring it can be!

Let’s be honest; you can’t always go out for outings due to a number of reasons. So, what do you do when you don’t feel like going out but you want to have fun with your partner?

The best option is hosting an exciting date night at home to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

That’s why it’s so important to have some games at home for couples date night.

It’s okay to have a game or two but when you own a collection of games; it’s so much fun because you won’t run out of things to do with your partner on each date night at home.

To help you keep things exciting between you and your spouse, I’ve decided to share a collection of fun games you can play with your spouse at home. You’re going to love them!


Games for couples date night at home

#1 Date Night Box set

Talk, flirt, dare for couples date night at home

This Date Night Box set comes with conversation starters, fun games, and cool dares. You can choose the level of closeness in your game by picking Talk, Flirt or Dare cards.

The Talk cards include questions to start fun couple conversations at parties or during date nights at home.

If you want to refuel the connection in your marriage or relationship, use the Flirt & Dare cards.

Pick a card and answer the question or complete the romantic dare with your partner. It’s a great recipe for a romantic evening together to spark up any relationship.

#2 The Original Table Topics

Table topics for couples date night at home

With more than 2 million copies sold, Table Topics are the #1 best-selling conversation starters.

A single box contains 135 thought-provoking questions that inspire the best kinds of conversation at dinner parties, family gatherings, or any time you want to break the ice.

It’s a fun way for family and friends to reconnect and discover more about themselves.

If you’re always fishing for interesting topics to discuss with your partner or you’re just looking for an exciting game for a date night at home, Table Topics is your best bet.

#3 Monogamy Board Game

Monogamy board game for couples date night at home

If you are looking for new ways to spice things up in the bedroom, rekindle that excitement and spark you felt when you first met, then this is definitely the game for you.

Treat yourself to Monogamy, a hot board game to play with the curtains closed for an exciting date night at home.

This hot game allows you to try new things together so set aside time for one another and have fun while you’re at it.

It is packed with creative ideas to add excitement and desire into a relationship. Be warned though; it’s totally addictive!

#4 The Game of Love

The game of love kit for couples date night at home

The Game of Love is a customizable bedroom board game for couples! A blank game board has been printed onto a fitted sheet, and it’s ready for you to customize!

You just need to use washable fabric markers, fill in each space with an activity, question, gift, or another idea from the Idea Vault.

The Game of Love Kit is everything you need to plan, prepare, and pull off one of the best date nights ever!

Get the Game of Love Kit and say goodbye to a boring relationship. When you’re ready to play, you and your loved one will roll the dice and move along the game board completing each space.

#5 Our Moments (Couples edition)

Our moments game for couples date night at home

The Our Moments Game for couples is a sure-fire way to get the sparks flying between you and your partner!

It will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together in the first place.

Nothing could be more appealing than showing your partner you care by asking a question and really listening.

Whether it’s the first date or you’ve been together for years, use this card game to interact with your partner and get closer than ever.

#6 Classic Jenga Game

Classic Jenga game for couples date night at home

If you’re looking for a game experience that combines skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck, get the Classic Jenga game! It’s the perfect game for everyone, with edge-of-your-seat, gravity-defying action.

All you have to do is build the tower by stacking layers of blocks and hope the tower doesn’t crash down!

You win by being the last player to remove a block without causing the stack to crash. Classic Jenga is an easy game that you can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

#7 Codenames

Codenames game for date night at home

Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging gameplay. Two rival spy masters know the secret identities of 25 agents.

Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames. The teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first.

Their teammates try to guess words of their color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin.

The game works very well with 4 players if you prefer to guess without help. It’s perfect for when you want to invite some friends to join your date night at home party.

#8 Box of Dares

Box of dares game for couples date night

Whether you want to spice up your love life or if you are looking for a new, exciting way to have fun and play with your partner (or you are simply feeling romantic), the Box of Dares game has all the prompts you need.

You and your partner will dare each other to be provocative in ways you might not have thought of before. You will seduce and be seduced, dare and be dared.

It is perfect for newlyweds, couples looking to spice things up, couples who play all sorts of games and playful partners.

#9 Discover Your Lover

Discover Your Lover game for couples

The goal of Discover Your Lover is to activate a couple’s intimate energy and heighten their affection for each other.

The game is specifically designed to bring a couple closer together and will show players surprising sides of themselves and their partner!

Discover Your Lover is disarming, exciting, direct and daring. Strive to reach the finish as quickly as possible by answering questions and performing tasks.

You’ll be faced with questions that test intimate knowledge in general as well as your understanding of your partner’s bedroom needs.

#10 Wit’s End

Wit's End game for couples date night at home

Think you know a little about a lot? Put your mind to the test with Wit’s End. This trivia game will not just test your knowledge but engage how you think through solving a problem.

Answer questions in four mind-challenging categories as you work your way to the center of the board.

Try to reach the summit of the board by answering questions in categories such as Odd 1 Out, Teaser, Sequence, or the Wild Card.

Wit’s End is tougher than most trivia-based games. It will keep you on your toes because the questions are packed with riddles and brain teasers on history, popular culture, geography, science, arts, etc.

#11 Jumanji Action Game

Jumanji Action Game
Jumanji is an adventure game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. Grab your piece, roll the eight-sided number die and move through the jungle.

Draw a danger card, then use your decoder to discover the secret message and see if disaster strikes.

The jungle threatens and begins to fill up the Doomsday Grid. If the grid fills up, the jungle will overpower you and your fellow players—everyone loses.

If you are the first to reach the center before the Doomsday Grid fills up, yell ‘Jumanji!’ and win!

#12 Drink-A-Palooza

Drink-A-Palooza for couples game night

If you like Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup, Quarters and all the best couple games then you will love the Drink-A-Palooza drinking game.

It’s the ultimate party starter for the perfect game night. It can be played in anyone’s kitchen and is equipped with all your partying needs.

This drinking game comes with spin the bottle, a deck of playing cards, dice, six-pack game pieces and mini beer bottles collected to win the game.

If you like to party; you will love this board game! It will keep you and your partner entertained all night long.

#13 Rummikub (The Original Rummy Tile Game)

Rummikub for couples game night
Rummikub is so popular because it has all the elements that make a great game. It’s easy to learn and fast-moving, it’s different every time it’s played, it combines luck and strategy, and it changes quickly so every player has a chance to win until the very end.

Be the first player to play every tile on your rack to win! Rummikub includes 106 high-quality plastic tiles, 4 plastic tile-holder racks, and illustrated instructions. Get this game out when you want to have fun with your partner at home.

#14 Labyrinth Board Game

Labyrinth board game for couples date night at home
The Labyrinth Board Game features a cast of mythical characters including a dragon, a princess, a ghost, a genie, and flying creatures like bats and owls.

The aim of the game is to reach all your treasures and targets as you move through the Labyrinth.

You must find all of your objects and characters while moving carefully through the constantly changing maze, and be the first to make it back to the starting square to win. It’s an exciting game for couples who love adventure.

#15 Cover Your Assets

Cover your assets game for date night at home

In Cover Your Assets, you amass a fortune by collecting and building an alternating tower of matching pairs of asset cards.

You have to be careful though because the top set of assets on your stack can be stolen by other players. The best way to protect a valuable set is to cover those assets with a new set of assets.

You literally Cover Your Assets so others can’t steal them from you. This game is fast-paced, competitive, and a little addictive.

It won’t teach you to be wise with your financial decisions in life or show you how to be a savvy investor but it will cause bouts of laughter, good-humored competition, and fun-filled date nights.

#16 Chronology Board Game

Chronology board game for couples date night
Chronology is a simple, educational and fun way to learn about world history. Players must guess where each historical event occurs in their timeline.

If a player guesses incorrectly, the next player tries to win the card by guessing where it fits in his or her own timeline.

There is a chance that an event occurs in the same year as a card on the player’s timeline. To win the card, the player must select the location before or after the matching year.

If you and your spouse are history buffs, you will find this game entertaining and refreshing.

#17 Loopy Card Game

Loopy card game for couples date night at home

Are you tired of boring evenings in front of the TV and don’t know how to spend your evening with your loved one?

The Loopy Game will keep you entertained all night. The game set consists of a board with an arrow, 200 cards, and some rules.

You can choose how far you are willing to go by selecting the appropriate level. Set the mood in your house with some music, a few candles and open up the box to begin.

This game helps in creating an emotional and physical connection, awakening all 5 senses and spicing up a relationship.


I’ve given you an awesome collection of games for couples date night at home. Most of the products mentioned in this post were gotten from Amazon.

I know you will have the best date nights ever when you try any of these games with your partner.



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