How To Spiritually Purify Your Home With Shakuntali’s Secrets

How To Spiritually Purify Your Home With Shakuntali's Secrets

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The perfect home – what is it like? In the perfect home, you are shrouded in the warm welcoming and all the worries are left behind the door.

The secret of such a home is a positive energy that should be spread around.

Shakuntali, the Enlightened woman, tells us that every woman can create her home full of love and support, and make all the problems disappear there.

Who is Shakuntali?

How To Spiritually Purify Your Home With Shakuntali's Secrets

She is the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, a temple priestess.

Shakuntali possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.


How to clear negative energy

1. You keep experiencing very negative emotions due to an ongoing divorce, the death of someone you love, a robbery attack in your home or the loss of a secure job.

2. You’re having very tense relationships in this house with family members, friends or neighbours.

3. Evident signs that tell you that your home is not very friendly anymore.

4. You have problems when falling asleep during the day or at night.

5. You experience bad dreams when you finally manage to sleep.

6. Unexplainable headaches while staying at home even when you’re not stressed out.

8. Lack of appetite especially for delicious food you used to enjoy.

9. You feel depressed at home for no good reason and you can’t seem to get rid of it naturally.

10. Personal or household items get missing randomly and you can’t explain it.

11. Accidents occur in the home constantly even when you’re very careful.

The good news is that you can cleanse your home from negative energy in any situation.

How To Spiritually Purify Your Home With Shakuntali's Secrets


How can we help our home? The best way is to apply for Shakuntali’s help, but there are a few steps you can take  to get rid of negative vibes in your house.

#1 Use sage often

Aromas, incense and herbs do a great job in the spiritual cleansing of your home.

The best is sage that wraps your home with soft aromatic smell and does not leave a bad energy a chance.

To apply it correctly, the easiest way is to follow Shakuntali’s detailed course or a private consultation.

#2 Black (Thursday) salt will also help

Black or Thursday salt greatly absorbs and accumulates all the spiritual toxins and bad energy.

Scatter some salt all over your rooms or put the salt into the bowl.

Leave it there for a couple of hours and get your home purified, renewed, welcoming, loving and friendly to you and all your family.

After 24 hours, you are free to throw all the used salt away.

#3 Prayer is the old and eternal way

Prayer brings about miracles. It doesn’t only cleanse the home but also helps to solve many life issues, from the daily routine to the curing of disease.

How To Spiritually Purify Your Home With Shakuntali's Secrets

#4 House plants are not just a piece of decoration

Keeping house plants around the house basically works as black salt to purify your home from bad energy.

The only difference is that you don’t have to throw them away when the cleansing is done.

#5 High-Frequency sounds is a good choice

Do you remember how your favorite music automatically lifts your mood within seconds?

That’s how certain sounds affect the energy in your house too.

Sign up for Shakuntali’s course or private consultation and you will learn what sounds are best in your situation.

#6 Essential oils – the magic of aromas

Properly chosen essential oils, such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint or lemon perfectly cleanse your home.

You can use them in a diffuser, mix in your favourite lotion and leave a few drops on your floor to give a pleasant aroma in the house.

How To Spiritually Purify Your Home With Shakuntali's Secrets

#7 Suitable crystals are our friends

Amethyst, selenite, onyx, or smoky quartz have a great capacity of taking all the negative energy away.

You may learn about the special rituals with crystals to purify your home at Shakuntali’s private consultation.

#8 Burn Angel candles

Angels are in charge of protecting humans whether we know it or not. If you feel the presence of a dark energy in your home, call on the Guardian Angels for help.

Simply purchase prayer candles that have pictures of Angels or saints around them and light one before you pray.

Leave the candles on after praying but remember to put them out before going to bed so as to avoid a fire outbreak in your house.

How to clear negative energy from your home

With these tips, you can protect your home from negative energy from now on. Just remember to do them often.

Once you have purified your home from all the spiritual toxins, you may want to maintain this blissful state.

Shakuntali reveals that it can be done with the special amulets placed all over the house or with the special rituals and techniques she teaches.

It is the best way to apply to Shakuntali when cleansing your home for the first time.

You may also want to attend her classes to maintain this pureness further on.

Making your home spiritually clean is necessary to feel happy, restful and safe.

Visit for more information and sign up for the consultation to make your step to a better life.


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