How to Avoid the 3 Seasonal Scourges this Christmas

The 3 seasonal scourges

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I really just want to wish you a wonderful Christmas celebration before I get carried away in all the merriment. You know how it is…

One minute I’m planning to write a blog post, the next minute I’m gulping down some bottles of beer while my blog is entirely forgotten.

So, before the Christmas excitement grabs me, I want to remind you of the three seasonal scourges you need to avoid this holiday.


No matter how hard you try, you’re going to undergo all kinds of stress during the Christmas holiday.

If you don’t plan well, you will develop stress just from shopping and planning a perfect holiday. So, how can you avoid so much stress this season?

Try planning your day, following a strict budget and making a to-do list. It’s easy to get caught up in all the festivity happening around. So, watch it! Don’t forget to take deep breaths and short naps!


How to avoid 3 seasonal scourges this Christmas


Truth be told; there’s no such thing as a hangover cure. So, don’t expect to be cured by drinking raw eggs or some fancy medication.

The only thing that works is moderation. Watch your intake of alcohol this Christmas.

You will definitely be tempted to drink 5 bottles of wine every day but please, remember the harm it will cause your liver. Just watch it and cut back. Moderation is key.


This also boils down to your health and what you allow into your body. You’re likely to experience heartburn if you don’t watch what you eat and drink. Don’t be overwhelmed with all the delicious meals around you.

Eat healthy and reduce your intake of alcohol. Avoid fatty acids, chocolate and too much cookies. Make veggies and fruits a part of your meals!



I’m off to enjoy myself now. Make sure you enjoy yourself too! Don’t be reckless though. I’ll surely see you next year. Stay alive!



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