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5 Golden Rules of Healthy Living You Need to Keep

Golden rules of healthy living

Do you know the 5 rules of healthy living? If you want to live long, your health should be your number one priority. Your health shouldn’t be something you play with by indulging in harmful activities like overfeeding, excessive drinking and using harmful substances. The body is like a car that will last when taken care of. But if you misuse your car, it will get worn out in no time. If you don’t want this to happen to your […]


How to Create a Fitness Workout Routine That Actually Works

It is really good to keep fit by jogging, working out at home or the gym, and eating healthy because of the many health benefits attached to it. But, do you know how to create a fitness workout routine that will work for you? Many people start a fitness workout program with the thought that the journey to those fitness goals will be a rosy one. By the time they try out some weight loss programs for a few weeks, […]


5 Health Resolutions You Need to Stick to This Year

health resolutions

New Year’s resolutions often start staggering by mid-January mainly because they are not achievable. However, we need to learn to initially take baby steps when making such resolutions; time is needed to create new habits. We realize it’s hard to retain the enthusiasm month after month and that’s why I decided to help you pick 5 health resolutions you can actually stick to. 5 HEALTH RESOLUTIONS YOU NEED TO STICK TO THIS YEAR 1. Get more sleep: A good night’s […]

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