17 Great Homeschool Resources for Parents

10 great homeschool resources for parents

Are you looking for great homeschool resources you can use to teach your kids at home? Many parents make the decision to homeschool their children, and in doing so are entitled to some excellent benefits. Homeschooling allows you to tailor a specific education to your child’s individual needs, something that is often lacking in the public or private school systems. Homeschooling also allows you and your child to learn together, creating not only a valuable learning experience but strengthening family […]


10 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Set

Relationship goals

It’s a brand new year for moving forward and accomplishing great things. It’s time to finally set some serious relationship goals and achieve them. You’ve been working tirelessly on your career while your relationship was on the back burner falling apart. Not anymore! It’s time to finally take charge of your relationship and accomplish those awesome goals you’ve been dreaming of. Have you set your relationship goals yet? If you have, I want you to adjust them and include the […]


Top 10 Critical Communication Skills Every Couple Should Have

Top 10 critical communication skills for couples

Do you have the right communication skills? Communication is the cornerstone of every healthy relationship. Effective communication is a powerful way to deepen intimacy and emotional connection. It allows partners to express themselves freely and work together to build a meaningful relationship with each other. Couples who work on developing the right communication skills often appear to have a happier relationship with each other. Increasing the quality of the communication within your relationship might be the best way to help […]


20+ Best Holiday Date Ideas For Couples

Best holiday date ideas

This post was co-written by Arrezo Azimzadeh, BA, Psych, Behavioral Therapist & Owner of Wish Upon Arrezo It certainly looks like our holidays may be a little different this year as we spend Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s at home with our loved ones. And I think it’s a good thing to slow down and enjoy the festive season with the people who really matter to us. If you’re looking for the best holiday date ideas that can help […]


12 Ways To Rekindle Romance In Your Relationship

How to rekindle romance in your relationship

Are you in a long-term relationship or have you been married for more than 5 years? It’s necessary to rekindle romance in your relationship before it dies off completely. Being in a new relationship is truly magical. You feel like you’ve just been swept off your feet and you can’t seem to get enough of each other. You talk all day long about several interesting topics and you do a lot of fun things together. A few years down the […]


40+ Adorable Halloween Costumes For Couples

Adorable Halloween Costumes For Couples

Are you searching for unique Halloween costumes for couples? You’re in the right place! Halloween is not just a kid’s holiday anymore.  Adults also get a chance to dress up as a favorite character, eat tons of sweets, and enjoy a night full of scary surprises. Over the last 30-40 years, it has become more and more popular, with adults getting into the spirit as well as children. And of all the Halloween traditions, costumes are the biggest one for […]


10 Incredible Ways to Make Your Man Feel Loved and Special

how to make your man feel loved and special

How often do you make your man feel loved and wanted? Some ladies feel that they always have to be at the receiving end in a relationship no matter what. Whether the relationship is based on money, love or whatever, they always expect to receive something. They only prefer to take from their men but they never give back even once. I’ve met women who strongly object to showing care for their men in any way. They adamantly refuse to […]


10 Awesome Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Loved and Special

How to make your woman feel loved and special

I know you’re probably thinking “What’s the big deal in making a woman feel loved and special”. Women only need money right? Well, sometimes but not all the time. Women are complicated creatures; sometimes you feel you’re getting it alright and your woman is feeling you so bad but suddenly an alarm goes off! You’ve just cut the wrong wire and you’re back at square one. So, now she is sulking or feeling insecure because she doesn’t feel loved. Men […]

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