How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally Now

How to boost your immune system naturally

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Are you feeling anxious, scared, overwhelmed or uncertain because of a pandemic? Are you searching for tips on how to boost your immune system naturally? If so, you’re not alone…

I feel the anxiety too but I’ve found a way to fight it and not let it ruin my life. Thinking about the virus and reading about it on TV or the internet 24 hours a day will only re-enforce the anxiety.

Now is a great time to start focusing on how to boost your immune system naturally.

A weakened immune system leaves your body susceptible to every cold and flu virus that flies around.

Using certain herbs, foods, supplements and homeopathic remedies can help you avoid catching a cold or flu and boost your immune system.


Here are a few things I do to feel safe while boosting my immune system naturally:

1. Stay at home all day and go out only when it’s necessary. I’m trying to avoid close contact with the outside world as much as possible.

2. Drink an immune-boosting herbal tea twice a day. It also cleanses the body of harmful toxins that keep you sluggish, tired and overweight.

3. Wash my hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and keep frequently touched surfaces clean by wiping them down with an alcohol solution or household disinfectant.

How to boost your immune system naturally

4. Make delicious smoothies with lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins A and C. I use them as meal replacements too.

5. Keep my entire house as clean as possible. Normally, I clean my house twice a week but with this virus in the air, I clean every day with disinfectant.

6. Drink lots of water every day to boost my metabolism and keep my body hydrated. We all know water is good for our bodies to help keep us healthy.

7. Prepare all my meals with a reasonable amount of fresh garlic. As an antibiotic, garlic fights infection-causing microbes protect against cell damage and boosts immunity.

8. Use a disposable hand sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol when I can’t use water to keep my hands clean. This happens most times when I’m out of the house for whatever reason.

9. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or self-medication. These practices can make your immune system weak and vulnerable to diseases.

10. Do some form of exercise three days a week to stay fit, help circulate my blood and assist my body in removing harmful toxins.

11. Try to get adequate sleep every day. Insufficient sleep increases inflammation and lowers our ability to fight infection.

12. Reduce stress by worrying less and doing fun things I love. Chronic stress levels decrease the supply of killer immune cells that help our bodies fight infection.

How to boost your immune system naturally

13. Read my Bible every day to remind myself of God’s promises. I know God has great plans for me but in times of crisis and confusion, I tend to forget.

14. Burn the Archangel Michael candle every Friday at 12 AM for protection. I consider St. Michael my guardian angel so calling on him makes me feel safe in these uncertain times.


When I do all these rituals daily, they make me feel safe and my immune system receives a nice boost which we all need now.

What are you doing to protect yourself and your family? It is best to start thinking of how to boost your immune system before you become ill with the cold or flu virus.

I encourage you to follow your best self-care practices and most importantly, try not to panic; this too shall pass.

If you notice some unfamiliar symptoms in your body, go to the nearest 24 hour emergency clinic to get tested and treated.

Finally, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by improving your diet, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, learning to cope with anxiety and finding ways to be productive while working from home.


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