10 Best International Scholarships For Women

10 best international scholarships for women

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Are you looking for international scholarships for women? I’m happy to announce that there are a lot of scholarships geared to women in college and universities.

It’s so exciting to get a higher education especially if you’re chasing a passionate career that you absolutely love.

Colleges and universities regularly offer scholarships to students, but these grants do not always cover all educational expenses.

Many women graduate from school with a lot of debt that they struggle to pay back years after they leave school.

This has been one of the leading causes of poverty in the world.

If you’re planning on attending college or enrolling into a university soon, it’s essential to start browsing international scholarships for women that you can apply for right away.

10 best international scholarships for women

To give you an edge over other applicants, make sure you read all the requirements and have all the necessary documents ready before you submit your application.

If you are interested in pursuing a higher education soon, here are the 10 best international scholarships for women.

Most of these scholarships have application requirements like recommendation letters, writing essays, motivation letters and official transcripts.

If you want to increase your chances of winning a scholarship, I suggest you start the application process at least two months before the stipulated deadline.

This is to ensure you have enough time to complete the application with the required documents.


10 best international scholarships for women

#1 American Association of University Women Scholarships

The AAUW scholarships are meant to provide financial assistance to international women who want to pursue research, graduate and postgraduate programs in the university.

These scholarships are geared toward women who are not citizens of the United States or permanent residents of the USA.

#2 Schlumberger Foundation Scholarships

The Schlumberger Foundation scholarships are targeted towards women from developing and emerging countries to pursue PhD or Post-doctorate studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines at prestigious universities worldwide.

#3 Nancy Etz Scholarship

The Nancy Etz scholarship was created to support outstanding students and empower them with the resources needed to pursue a higher education in their disciplines.

To be eligible for this annual scholarship, you must be a high school senior who has been accepted into a school, a full-time undergraduate or a graduate student in the United States.

#4 Margaret McNamara Education Grants

The MMEG scholarships are open to women from under-developed and low-income countries to give them the necessary skills they need to develop their full potential.

You’re eligible to apply for this scholarship if you’re a woman from the USA, Canada, South Africa and Latin America.

10 best international scholarships for women

#5 International Peace Scholarships

The PEO scholarships are awarded to women from foreign countries who wish to pursue Masters and Ph.D. degrees in the USA and Canada.

If you’re only interested in online degrees, internships and research studies, this scholarship is not suitable for you because they are not supported by this program.

#6 L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women

The L’Oréal-UNESCO awards are granted to eminent women who have made significant contributions in the field of science.

About five women scientists are selected every year from Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, Arab, Pacific and Latin America.

To be eligible, you must have worked in your country for at least five years in the following fields: Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Computer Science.

#7 Amelia Earhart Scholarships

Every year, about 35 women who are pursuing a Doctorate/Ph.D degree in aerospace engineering or aerospace science are honoured with the Amelia Earhart scholarships which is worth $10,000 per recipient.

10 best international scholarships for women

#8 Forte MBA Fellows Program for Women

The Forte fellowship is granted to women who are currently pursuing a full-time, part-time or executive MBA degree at sponsor business schools.

This is aimed at multiplying the number of women applying to and enrolling in MBA programs every year.

If you want to be considered for this fellowship, you need to submit an MBA application to a participating school.

#9 FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship Program

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in finance, you can apply for this scholarship.

The FINCAD scholarship program is usually open to all women regardless of age or citizenship.

As long as you are studying finance in a graduate-level program, you can qualify for an award of $10,000.

#10 The Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship for Women

The Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships are usually awarded to two women in the disciplines of peace and development studies.

To be eligible for this award, you must be a woman from a developing country who is pursuing a graduate or Masters degree in peace and development studies.

10 best international scholarships for women

I’ve shared with you a list of 10 international scholarships for women that are open almost every year.

Whatever field you’re chasing, you’ll find a scholarship attached to it.

Even if you don’t find a suitable scholarship for you in my list, just keeping on searching and you’ll find something.

It’s often exciting to go back to school but if you have a huge debt looming over your head, it can interfere with your academic performance.

Put in more effort when you apply for scholarships for women and give all your best because they’re other candidates involved.


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