14 Signs Your Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Like You

signs your mother-in-law doesn't like you

When you started dating your partner, their mom seemed nice. She was polite, asked you questions about yourself, and didn’t openly object to the relationship. But gradually, you started noticing little comments and weird looks that made you wonder if she actually likes you. And now that you’re married, those little signs have turned into big flashing billboards that indicate your mother-in-law isn’t your biggest fan. You’ve noticed it in her eyes when you walk into the room—that flash of […]


It Takes More Than Love: The Journey To Stepfamily Success

The journey to stepfamily success

By Nancy Landrum, MA, Relationship Coach It seems to be a universal belief that all it takes to have a great marriage is that you love each other and are committed to your partner for life. However, it takes more than love to navigate the journey to stepfamily success. My late husband Jim and I had both been widowed. We were ecstatic to have found each other and eager to join our families “for life.” We were not kids. We’d […]


32 Heart-warming Soulmate Love Poems For Your Husband

Soulmate Love Poems For Your Husband

Finding your soulmate is the greatest desire of any human being who wants to love and be loved. When you find your true love, your heart leaps for joy and you can’t wait to show them how much you really love them. And if you’ve been waiting for a long time to find the one, you may run out of romantic words to express your love. I’ve compiled these soulmate love poems for your husband to enable you to declare […]


97 Sweet & Short Engraving Quotes For Your Husband

short engraving quotes

Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, finding the right words to express your love is often challenging. You want the engraved message on your gift to be short but also meaningful to your spouse. If you’re asking, “What are some of the best quotes for engraving?” You’ll find a ton of heart-touching love quotes for your husband in this article. Some examples of short engraving quotes couples use to remind each other of their unbreakable bond include I […]


How Often Should A Wife Please Her Husband In Bed?

how often should a wife please her husband?

Almost every married woman’s goal is to make her husband happy and keep him interested in her for as long as possible. Luckily, men are often less complicated than women in matters of the heart. For a happy marriage, the three most important things men need from their wives are respect, affection, and intimacy. Speaking of which, if you’ve ever asked yourself how often should a wife please her husband sexually, you’re not alone! Whether you’re a new wife or you’ve […]


How To Fight Fair In Marriage

How to fight fair in marriage

Every couple fights, but not every couple knows how to fight in a healthy way. Knowing how to fight fair in marriage is not a walk in the park and if you’re struggling to have peaceful arguments with your spouse, you’re not alone! Have you ever had one of those fights with your spouse that left you farther apart from each other? I’m not talking about the small disagreements you have about taking out the trash, doing the dishes, or […]

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