120 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes For Your Husband

Valentine's Day Quotes

Have you ever struggled with finding the perfect words to write on a Valentine’s day card? It is a really frustrating experience when you can’t find the right words to tell your husband how much you love him on the most romantic day of the year. Luckily, this year is going to be different because I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Valentine’s day quotes you can use to make your husband feel loved and special. Whether it’s […]


How To Be A Submissive Wife In Your Marriage

How to be a biblically submissive wife

Did you cringe at the title? I know I did the first time I heard the word “submissive wife”. It sounds demeaning, lowly and sexist doesn’t it? If you think that way, you’re probably getting it all wrong. Marriage is a partnership where every partner gives at least 50% of their time, love and affection to ensure the growth of the union. For marriage to work out successfully, you have to be a team rather than a boss and an […]


How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage And Thrive

How to survive in an unhappy marriage

Are you stuck in a toxic marriage but can’t leave? If you’re looking for how to survive in an unhappy marriage and thrive, you’re not alone! In a recent survey carried out by eHarmony, it was revealed that about 19 percent of Americans are unhappy in their current relationships and they’ve considered leaving their partner. It’s normal to face ups and downs in married life. Unhappy marriages are more common than you might think, but they don’t always have to […]


How To Communicate With Your Husband Without Fighting

How to communicate with your spouse without arguing

Do you feel like you walk on eggshells every day just to keep the peace in your marriage?  Does having a peaceful conversation with your husband always seem like an impossible task? You’re not alone! Knowing how to communicate with your husband without fighting is one of the major challenges women face on a regular basis. This can be more pronounced if you have a difficult spouse who refuses to listen to you or work with you to fix recurring […]


How To Confront A Cheating Spouse With Proof

How to confront a cheating spouse

Have you confirmed that your spouse is having a secret affair and now you’re wondering how to confront a cheating spouse? Maybe you found hard evidence like cell phone records, secret email accounts, nude photos, suspicious phone calls, or voicemail messages? Even if you didn’t catch your spouse cheating red-handed, finding proof of their infidelity is enough reason to confront them. The moment you realize that your partner is having an affair, the first question that will pop into your […]


10 Obvious Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

10 signs you're in an unhappy marriage

Marriage can be a rollercoaster ride sometimes and it is really challenging for most couples. Some days you’re so in love that you can’t get enough of your spouse. Other days you’re struggling not to tear each other apart during a heated argument. This type of on and off emotional connection is normal for a lot of married couples. When you’ve been married for a long time, it’s not unusual to feel as if you married the wrong person when […]


How To Communicate Better With Your Spouse

How to communicate better with your spouse

Do you always argue about the same things without ever coming close to a mutual agreement? Does it feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells just because you want to talk things out with your spouse? You’re not alone! A lot of married couples struggle with poor communication and learning how to communicate better with your spouse is often a tough nut to crack. For some couples, communication is effortless but for others, it’s the most difficult problem to tackle […]


80 Best Engraving Ideas For Your Husband

Best engraving ideas for husband

Are you looking for engraving ideas for your husband to make him feel extra special? Whether it’s for a wedding day, birthday, or anniversary, there are always special words you can use to show love to your spouse. But sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect words that will describe your feelings and melt his heart at the same time. The length of engraving words you can use depend entirely on the size of the gift. If you’re planning on […]

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