This is a special place where I keep valuable Relationship RESOURCES that will help you build a healthy and happy relationship with your spouse. I’ve searched all over the internet to get you this comprehensive list of resources because I know how hard you work to make your relationship successful. Whether you’re still dating, newlywed or a long term couple, these resources will help you on your journey to happiness and love.

If you value your relationship and your partner, don’t take these resources for granted. I’ve painstakingly assembled them just for you; don’t let my time and energy go to waste. 

I’ve personally verified all of them and I can vouch for their authenticity and positive results. Be open minded and try any of them; you don’t need to get all at once. Take them one step at a time! I hope you find them extremely useful!


Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.



Could it really be possible to fix your relationship problems in 7 weeks or less even if you’re the only one trying? Allow me to introduce The Online Alternative to Marriage Counseling. Do you need to save your marriage or fix a relationship? You have to check out this amazing coaching program with Bruce Muzik. It is a 7-week online relationship repair program that provides step-by-step solutions to fix your relationship issues so you can start being happy together.



What if… your relationship with your husband/wife could be something that gives you strength to tackle your to-do list, not one more thing to add to your to do list? Does chocolate and a bubble bath sound more enticing than sex? Take this 10-module Boost Your Libido course and learn how you actually can INCREASE your sex drive and rock your marriage!

Imagine a warm space, phones off and there’s no one around – it’s just you and babe, a bottle of oil and some handy massage techniques. What happens next… A sensual massage that leads to renewed intimacy.

Enroll for the Massage Courses and take your relationship to a new level! All massage techniques are designed for couples to use in the comfort of their own home. No specialist equipment needed. Learn in your living room. Just add oil and massage away. You’re about to make one lucky person extremely relaxed! I’m kinda jealous of your partner right now!


Fix Your Marriage


Most approaches to marriage success preach communication skills. But communicating effectively will NOT create love in your marriage. In fact, the correlation is the opposite. Creating love in your marriage paves the way for effective communication. Communication has very little to do with techniques or knowledge of each other. It has everything to do with the depth of connection between the communicators.

The question you should be asking is NOT, “How do I communicate effectively with my spouse.” The question you should be asking is, “How do I connect with my spouse again?” Once you reconnect, you won’t be sitting in silence in the basement. If you want to learn how to connect with your spouse again, subscribe to the FREE report, “7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage” and get a FREE marriage assessment. CLICK HERE to subscribe. It’s FREE.



The Reclaim Your Marriage Program is an intensive 10-week online guided couples counseling program for couples who need a fresh start in their marriage. A different module will be sent to you every week, for 10 weeks. Each session hits on a hot-button topic in marriage like trust, communication, finances, and intimacy. It comes complete with videos, resources, engaging exercises, expert interviews, and WAY more.

It is a simple, effective solution that couples can do together, in the privacy of their own home. If you are truly needing to put an investment into your relationship – try the Reclaim Your Marriage Program! The first week is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.


It takes work to stay madly in love, and sometimes, we just get lazy. Life takes over – the job, chores, kids, school, and everything else. For anyone who can say, “I want those love fireworks back!” we have the perfect tool to help you rekindle the spark of love with your spouse. All it takes is a little effort each day, and we’ve done most of the work for you! Check out our 365 Ways to Ignite the Spark Kit .

Romance Planner

Packed with relationship questions and activities, marriage builders, and a whole host of romantic ideas, our Romance Planner is an easy, effective (and FUN!) way for couples to reconnect and bring back the spark. Are you ready to rock and roll your marriage?


7 days to a closer, stronger and HOTTER relationship- Are you and your partner up for taking the challenge with us?! You might be thinking… “7 straight days of sex?!?” Yes, it might sound daunting, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be a challenge, right? You can overcome Intimacy Obstacles and turn up the passion with this Incredibly Sexy Pack!

To help you tackle those tough conversations that impact your marriage, we have created conversation starters specifically designed for those topics of intimacy, finances, family, and more! 

These conversation starters have 250 prompts about intimacy, finances, quality time, romance, and family so if you make it through all of them, you’ll have hit all of the biggest ideas in marriage. If you’re ready to open up those lines of communication the easy way and stop discussing only the basics of your spouse’s day, try some Conversation Starters

The Game of Love bedroom board game is printed right onto a fitted sheet and is ready for you to completely customize! Using our washable fabric markers, fill in each space with an activity, question, gift, or another idea from our Idea Vault. 

Customize your game to fit your relationship just right! When you’re ready to play, you and your loved one will roll the dice and together, move along the game board completing each space. We’ve taken care of everything you need to plan, prepare, and pull-off one of the best nights ever! Get the Game of Love Kit.


Treat your spouse to a week full of service, spoiling, and sexy surprises! For seven days your spouse will be pampered with gifts of time, love, and attention from you! 

Our printable kit includes a unique daily countdown to keep your spouse guessing what is in store, plus a variety of activities to help you spoil your spouse! Get ready to save yourself the headache and make your spouse unbelievably happy all at the same time with this 7 Days of Spoiling Kit.

Marriage is a two-way street that requires regular effort and daily commitment. This 10-Minute Marriage Challenge will help you make your marriage a priority again.

With a quick text message sent straight to your phone, you immediately have a brilliant, fun, love-inducing challenge thought out for you that can be done in a matter of minutes. You need this! Your marriage needs this! Check out the Marriage Challenge for Couples!

5 Senses Bedroom Edition


Life is always getting in the way of “adult time,” am I right? Maybe you get a little anxious trying to initiate being sexy with your spouse. Whether you are trying to make more time to be intimate together, or looking for a fun way to say “Let’s get it on!” we have a quick, easy and SEXY idea for you and your spouse. Check out The 5 Senses Sexy Gift Basket!



Nothing says romance more than celebrating the day you said “I Do”, right? That’s why we have put together romantic tips and ideas to make your anniversary unforgettable all in one guide. It’s everything you need to make your Anniversary fun!

This 52 Dates for Two has a date for every week of the year! The keepsake album allows you to jot down memories and add a photo to create a memorable keepsake that you can enjoy for years to come. To help with choosing a date that’s perfect for each week, the date night cards have these perfect little checklists at the top. 

That way, if you know you can’t get a sitter you can choose an “At Home” date or if you are a little strapped for cash lately, you can be sure to pick a “Free” date. Want get your own? It’s so simple to grab this Date Night Kit right now!

One of the biggest challenges facing many relationships is time spent apart. Are you in a long distance relationship or do you have a spouse in the military? This Long Distance Love Kit will help bring both of you closer together, despite the miles apart.

It’s all about the little things that remind you of home when you’re away, so the next time you’re apart remind your spouse how much you love them. You can get all the printables to make it quick and easy by grabbing this thoughtful Long Distance Love Kit.