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Moments With Jenny
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 by Joan Greene on Moments With Jenny
I love this shop

I love this shop. This is the second book I'm buying here. After reading the irresistible diva book, I bought your romance book. They've both been helpful to my relationship. Thanks.

 by Mimi Adelaide on Moments With Jenny
Great Guide For Women

I didn't think I'll find anything new in your intimacy book but I got some secret tips I can really use to spice up my relationship. It's a great guide for women and I recommend it.

 by Naomi Maxwell on Moments With Jenny
Best Conversation Starters Ever!!!

Awkward silences after dinner is gone. We're enjoying these questions for couples. These are the best conversation starters ever. They are really good. I've never seen my husband this chatty.

 by Lily Morgan on Moments With Jenny
Cute Love Notes

So cute! I love the words on these cards and hubby totally adores them too.

 by Elisa Johnson on Moments With Jenny

I've been with my husband for 6 years and after 2 kids, the passion somehow disappeared from our marriage. We tried a lot of things to revive it. Your book gave us so many romantic ideas to awaken new sexual desires in our relationship.

 by Samantha Thompson on Moments With Jenny
I'm loving this new attention

The irresistible diva ebook was... How do I say it? Relevant!!! This is the only book I can confidently say has been of great help to my sex life. My man is so cuddly and warm towards me all of a sudden. I'm loving this new attention from him and I hope it lasts forever.

 by Janet Fisher on Moments With Jenny
My husband loves it!

We were running out of fun things to do on date night so I decided to try your truth or dare game. My husband loves it! It is a game-changer for us. Sex seems effortless whenever we play the game. Thank you for this.

 by Kay Bennett on Moments With Jenny
He has never been this romantic

Yesterday, my boyfriend of 5 years dropped by my office with some flowers and a box of chocolate after I sent him one of your love messages. Oh my God! I was so surprised... He has never been this romantic before. I must be doing something really good... Thank you so much.

 by Shelby Brown on Moments With Jenny
We talked extensively last night

My relationship was in trouble before I bought your eBook. We hardly ever talked and we went from having sex almost every night to maybe once a month. I tried everything to get his attention back but nothing worked. I used your intimate questions to re-open our communication. Surprisingly, we talked extensively last night and things are starting to improve in our love life.

 by Sofia Russell on Moments With Jenny
We are having so much fun in the bedroom

I've always wanted to be able to talk freely about my sexual desires but as a shy person, I didn't know how to go about it. Your book gave me an easy way out and my relationship has improved because of this. We are having so much fun in the bedroom too. Thank you!

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