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Couples’ ‘Win It In A Minute’ Game Night

  Recently, in my Google hunt for the perfect date night, I came across this total lifesaver from my gals at The Dating Divas. Have you ever seen the show “Minute To Win It”? If you haven’t, you should go get on that. It was pretty popular a few years ago, but the games never get old to play! They are simple games that utilize household items. I can’t believe how tricky some of them are! Anyway, this awesome group […]

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The Dating Divas Marriage Club

  It’s finally here! Hey guys, I’m soooo excited about this! I now present to you…   The Dating Divas Marriage Club! A FUN and EASY way to stay intentional about you marriage (even AFTER kids!) If you wish you had a bit more romance in your life… then this is for you. Get ready to get those butterflies back and fall head over heels… all over again! The Dating Divas Marriage Club includes… • His and Hers Checklists with quick […]

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