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How to Burn Belly Fat Fast Without Exercise

I hate exercise! When I’m looking for easy ways to burn belly fat fast and someone mentions exercise, I turn red. Why don’t people understand that some of us hate exercising? It’s so hard and so not fun for me. In fact, I see it as punishment. Even if I try to exercise, I might do it for three days and then I give up when I don’t see results. I totally hate exercise! It kills me slowly! And, I […]


How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

Do you ever feel the urge for late-night snacking when you’re struggling to lose weight fast? You know those nights when you’re staring at your laptop screen with tired eyes. Dinner has been cooked and eaten but that oh-so-familiar friend we call hunger comes knocking again. Or those nights you are watching an interesting movie and you just want to grab a bag of chips. But you can’t snack after seven o’clock right? That’s weight loss rule number one or […]