Social Media Addiction is Slowly Destroying Our Friendships

“We all appear absolutely perfect on social media but in real life, we are just plain, ordinary people who constantly fight untold battles”.  ~Jennifer Dagi~ Social media is slowly killing our friendships. It is quietly ridding us of reality while it feeds us with fantasies. We have so many friends and followers on social media but a few real friends. We’ve become so addicted to the likes, follows, comments and tweets we get that we forget who we are or […]

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I Wish I Had A Gay Best Friend

I am that type of girl who is open minded and free with everyone. I try not to take life too seriously and I’m not so obsessed with money.  I just love being happy in everything I do and it doesn’t really matter if people approve of it or not. I believe someone will always have an opposing thought or view about the way I should live my life; I guess we all have our individual lives to live.  Do […]

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