Social Media Addiction is Slowly Destroying Our Friendships

“We all appear absolutely perfect on social media but in real life, we are just plain, ordinary people who constantly fight untold battles”.  ~Jennifer Dagi~ Social media is slowly killing our friendships. It is quietly ridding us of reality while it feeds us with fantasies. We have so many friends and followers on social media but a few real friends. We’ve become so addicted to the likes, follows, comments and tweets we get that we forget who we are or […]


6 Undeniable Signs You Are in the Friend Zone

          My long time friend has a best friend who happens to be a girl he is madly in love with but he can’t tell her that he loves her because he is afraid of ruining the friendship they share. So, he is just playing along and being the best friend she could ever have while dying in silence. Well, I know he is not the only one with this problem. I know so many people who […]