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How the “Learn 2 Lick” Course Can Make You Great in Bed

9 best online intimacy courses

I’ve noticed that a lot of you are really interested in improving your intimacy. I know this due to the number of views I get daily on my love and intimacy posts. That’s great! The first step to having a successful relationship is being willing to make it work. If you don’t actively work to improve your intimacy, your relationship is doomed to fail. Did you know bad intercourse and unsatisfactory intimate life are the major reasons why relationships fail? […]


5 Exciting Ways Dirty Talk Improves Your Relationship

5 thrilling ways dirty talk improves your relationship

One of my readers contacted me the other day with a serious marriage problem. I thought I had seen the worst until I saw her mail. She was so worried that her husband never uses dirty talk during lovemaking and she has no idea of what he likes. Here’s exactly what she said: “My biggest challenge is getting my husband to talk to me about intimacy. We have been married for almost 7 years and I have no idea what […]


8 Styles of Lovemaking Every Couple Should Definitely Try

8 Styles of lovemaking every couple should try

Last night, while pillow talking with my boyfriend after a hot and steamy lovemaking session, we started analyzing the evolution of our love life. Back when we were in school, we had more spontaneous and adventurous lovemaking episodes; they were experimental, emotional, crazy and passionate. It was fun and exciting all the way! Years later, we’ve graduated and we are both working. Intercourse is no longer like it used to be. With work and all, getting intimate is now an […]