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6 Genuine Reasons Why Your Husband Won’t Have Sex With You

Are you wondering why your husband won’t have sex with you? You’re not alone! During the week, I received an email from a young lady who has been married for two years. In her email, she complained bitterly of how her husband won’t have sex with her. I had earlier wanted to just reply her and then forget about it but then I remembered that she possibly couldn’t be the only one going through similar marital issues. There a lot […]


The Dating Divas Marriage Club

  It’s finally here! Hey guys, I’m soooo excited about this! I now present to you…   The Dating Divas Marriage Club! A FUN and EASY way to stay intentional about you marriage (even AFTER kids!) If you wish you had a bit more romance in your life… then this is for you. Get ready to get those butterflies back and fall head over heels… all over again! The Dating Divas Marriage Club includes… • His and Hers Checklists with quick […]


10 Easy Ways to Mend a Broken Relationship

Mend a broken relationship

Relationship is work. Marriage is even harder work. Everyone knows that but it is easily forgotten in an angry moment. It is so easy to dash everything against the wall and say “Go to hell, I don’t need you!” But, deep down, we yearn for someone’s tender touch, warm hugs and affectionate kisses. We yearn for attention and recognition even though we are often too proud to say it. We are scared to become vulnerable to another person and so we drown […]


5 Genuine Reasons Why Listening Is Important In Your Relationship

The art of listening is truly a gift that very few people have. Most people only learn how to talk but they never  bother to master the art of listening. There are people who talk all day without stopping to listen to what someone else is saying. Women are often guilty of not listening. They seem so busy with whatever they are doing that they just hear words, give nasty replies and then go back to their businesses. Men are […]


Questions That Will Save Your Relationship From Drowning

As a teenager, I used to watch my mom joggling three kids while doing house chores and running errands all day. She was a very busy housewife who loved her family thoroughly. She was so busy, so tidy, so perfect. Now that I think of it, I think she was a perfectionist. My memory of her is filled with spotless floors, clean curtains, good food and sparkling bathrooms. My dad usually left at 6am in the morning for work, leaving […]


Please Help! My Husband Is Not Supportive Enough During Pregnancy

My husband of 2 years has suddenly stopped caring about me. I remember when we first got married, he showered me with so much love and attention. I’m two months pregnant with our first child and I need him the most but he seems so nonchalant, distant and disconnected. Sometimes, I feel he doesn’t love me anymore or maybe, he never loved me anymore.  Sincerely, I can’t say he is not caring at all but he rarely asks how I’m […]


How to Use the 5 Love Languages to Solve Relationship Issues

The 5 love languages

Every relationship encounters problems from time to time and our ability to solve these problems is what breaks or makes the relationship. Problems we encounter could be finance-related, sex-related or family-related. Some people run away the moment they are faced with challenges in a relationship; they just don’t know how to handle the chaos. Running away doesn’t solve anything because the moment you enter into another relationship, you will encounter the same difficulties.   It all boils down to understanding the 5 love […]