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How to Prepare for a Successful Marriage

prepare for a successful marriage

Are you prepared for a successful marriage? A lot of people prepare themselves for other important things like their career, education, examination or a journey to a far place but they rarely prepare for a successful marriage. When it comes to marriage, people say “Oh well, when we get to the bridge, we’ll cross it.” Now, what if there is no bridge? What if you didn’t bring a boat to cross the deep river in front of you? What would […]


15 Harsh Truths About Being Married No One Ever Told You

Harsh truths about being married

I’m really tired of all the mushy love advice going around these days and I’m going to dish out 15 harsh truths about being married that you’ve probably not heard before. Being married is not as rosy as most people say it is; they are often hiding some truths. Most single ladies feel that being married is the ultimate goal in life. So, they can’t wait to be swept off their feet by true love. Sure, some marriages are pure […]