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How to Overcome Sex Addiction in 6 Easy Steps

How to overcome sex addiction in 6 easy steps

Earlier on, I wrote on 12 Signs You’re Dating a Sex Addict. If you’ve not had the chance to read that post, please do so before reading this one. In that post, I mentioned some of the signs a sex addict may portray. If you find out you or your partner is a sex addict, what should you do about it? Should you go on like everything is okay when it is not? Should you look the other way when […]


12 Tell-tale Signs You are Dating a Sex Addict

Dating a sex addict

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that your partner might be addicted to sex? It’s possible that you are dating a sex addict and you are not aware of it. Okay, maybe you are a little bit aware but you are not sure. Most people never connect addiction to sex! They don’t know whether the sex they are having is addictive or not. They just feel it is fun and should be had anytime, anywhere with anyone. People only see alcohol […]