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How to Make Your DIY Wedding Look Professional

How to make your DIY wedding professional

If you’ve ever done any shopping for an event like a wedding, you’re probably considering having a DIY wedding because of how expensive weddings can be. With some agencies charging thousands of dollars to organize your special day for you, a lot of people simply can’t afford to have a luxurious wedding. So, they prefer to plan and organize their wedding themselves so they won’t have to break the bank to make their union legal. While this isn’t a problem, […]


How to Overcome Cold Feet Before Your Wedding Day

How to overcome cold feet before your wedding day

Getting married is a pretty big decision. It’s not like you can’t ever get divorced, but you know, you did probably say ‘till death do you part’ – and you spent a whole load of money on your big day, and made friends and relatives take time off work to celebrate with you. Marrying the wrong person can be the worst mistake of your life. Just thinking about it could give you wedding jitters and you might have a case of cold feet […]


5 Practical Ways to Minimize Wedding Costs

How to minimize wedding costs

When you’re planning for the big day, how do you go about deciding the must-haves and the not so important elements of your wedding and reception? Why shouldn’t you have everything? After all, you may only get the chance to go all out once in your lifetime so compromise doesn’t feel like a path you want to take. The biggest reason will no doubt be budget and unless you’re thinking of finding a guarantor for a wedding loan you’ll probably be […]


4 Steps to Planning a Successful Wedding as a Couple

Planning for a successful wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Now you’re probably wondering how and where to start with planning a successful wedding together to make sure it’s the most memorable day for both of you. If you don’t plan well things can get a bit tricky from choosing a wedding dress to the cake and wedding venue. It can be totally stressful that’s why it’s advisable to plan your wedding with your spouse. With this being the first big life-changing project you’re embarking on, […]