How to Make Your DIY Wedding Look Professional

How to make your DIY wedding professional

If you’ve ever done any shopping for an event like a wedding, you’re probably considering having a DIY wedding because of how expensive weddings can be. With some agencies charging thousands of dollars to organize your special day for you, a lot of people simply can’t afford to have a luxurious wedding. So, they prefer to plan and organize their wedding themselves so they won’t have to break the bank to make their union legal. While this isn’t a problem, […]


9 Simple Tips to Make Your Wedding Incredible

How to make your wedding incredible

  Are you looking for simple ways to make your wedding incredible? I bet you are! If you’re planning a wedding you probably already know how stressful it can be. You need to find a venue, invite guests, find the perfect dress and that’s just the beginning. Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable, but with so many different things to worry about what you originally wanted gets forgotten and your wedding becomes the complete opposite of what you […]


4 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Dream Wedding in Rome

Dream wedding in Rome

Photo by: https://imagestudio.com Are you thinking of having your dream wedding in Rome? You totally should! Rome is the most romantic city in the world and it’s the perfect spot for your dream wedding. Rome is a city known all around the world for its beautiful scenery. All four corners of the globe have heard of this great city for one reason or another. It’s one of the most antiquated cities in the world with buildings, statues, sculptures and traditions […]


Happy 1st Anniversary Mr & Mrs Idowu

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary Mr & Mrs Idowu. I wish you many more happy years of love and peace. MEET MRS IDOWU She is the founder and CEO of Tickles Makeovers & Spa; if you ever need a total makeover, just contact her. She knows her onions. She comes from Imo state. She was born on the 15th of March. She is a pretty workaholic who loves reading, watching movies and turning ladies into beauty Queens. She is a graduate […]


Happy 2nd Anniversary Mr & Mrs Anebi Elisha

Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary Mr & Mrs Anebi. Wishing You Many More Happy Days of Marriage and Parenthood. MRS BELLA ANEBI She is a beautiful damsel from Benue state who was born on the 23rd December 1990. She studied Soil science at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi. She loves reading. MR ELISHA ANEBI   He was born on the 29th of October and is also an indigene of Benue state. He studied Mathematics at the University of Jos. […]


What Would You do if You Found Out Your Bride-to-be is HIV Positive?

A young man was courting a sister for a while and they were seriously preparing for marriage. At the beginning of their courtship, he asked her on several occasions if she had any secrets he should know about but she always said “NO”. He was strongly against premarital sex so he never touched her. She tried so many times to seduce him into having sex with her but she never succeeded. Even after their traditional marriage, he refused sleeping with […]