10 Unhealthy Things You Shouldn’t do in a Relationship

Unhealthy things you shouldn't do in a relationship

Everyone talks about having healthy relationships and what you need to do to have them but no one talks about the unhealthy things you shouldn’t do in a relationship. You know I always write about things you can do to help you keep your relationship together. But today, my post is going to be a little bit different. I’m going to share something new with you; something that is going to really contribute to the growth of your relationship. There […]


How Long Should Dating or Courtship Last?

how long should dating or courtship last?

Last weekend, I was discussing with a group of friends over a bottle of red wine and the topic of the day was ”how long should dating or courtship last?” Two people seated on another table were eavesdropping and before long they moved closer to our table. When they joined our table, a question was thrown at all of us to answer and the question was how long should dating or courtship last? Everyone attempted the question based on their own level of understanding and soberness.  […]


7 Possible Reasons Why Women Cheat

7 obvious reasons why women cheat

Cheating and infidelity are words that are often associated with only men. When we hear that someone cheated in a relationship, the first thing that comes to our mind is “I’m sure it was the man who cheated”.   Nobody expects a woman to cheat because we often think that cheating is a man’s thing. But women cheat too. Have you ever asked yourself why a committed and loyal lady will cheat on her man.   Or why a responsible mother and wife would cheat […]


25 & Blooming: My Advice to Young Ladies

Today is my Birthday. HURRAY!!! I can’t even believe it; I’m 25 years old already! Last time I checked I was just 16; where did all the years go? Geez! Now, I’m terrified of going to bed and waking up as a 70 year old grandmother.  Sweet sixteen is a very magical age for a girl. This is the age where she starts believing in herself and actually believes when others tell her she is beautiful. Another age that is even more splendid and […]


7 Secrets Every Nigerian Woman Keeps From Her Man

Every Nigerian woman has a secret. Many secrets they never tell anyone. They hide them in the deepest part of their hearts for fear that people will see them as terrible women.  They are afraid to speak up for fear that their partners will either leave them or never trust them again. Sometimes, the only person who knows about the secret is someone who is very close to them or someone who is also a partner in crime. In this post, […]


Natural Remedies: The Best Way To Treat Yeast Infection

Have you ever had a yeast infection? You know that uncomfortable and unbearable itch that seems delicious to scratch but ends up leaving you with wounds? Sometimes, it feels as if something is moving all over your v~gina and you can’t seem to make it stop no matter how many times you shower. Yeast infections are often accompanied by a thick, odourless discharge which has a cottage cheese-like consistency. It is usually itchy, discomforting and even painful. Yeast infections can […]