11 Fun Things to do During Christmas

fun things to do during Christmas

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Christmas is almost here! Can you feel it in the air? It’s magical right? I’m counting down already; I have so many fun things on my to-do list for Christmas.

I’m going to share them with you even though you may not agree with some of the ideas in this post.

Are you looking for fun things to do during Christmas? Check out my to-do list below; you might find one or two exciting things to try this holiday.


11 fun things to do during Christmas

1. Go shopping:

It’s a festive season; it’s time to do something you’ve not done in a while.

Go shopping for some decorations to add color to your home. Buy a Christmas tree and place it in your living room.

Get some decorative lights and flowers for the whole house. Shopping is always a fun thing to do.

Just the sight of new things brings warmth into my heart. Who doesn’t like shopping?

2. Visit friends:

Christmas gives us plenty of time to remember our friends especially the ones we’ve not seen for ages.

You’ve been so busy working since the beginning of the year and it’s been challenging. Weekends are never enough for us to rest.

If you’ve been so busy that visiting friends has become the last thing on your list, you need to find time this holiday to go visiting.

Life is too short to spending it working tirelessly. Create time to visit your friends this Christmas!

3. Go on a boat cruise:

A boat cruise is a fun way to spend the Christmas. Book a boat cruise to Hong Kong or Hawaii for your family.

Don’t worry about how expensive it is, you don’t do this often. But if you really can’t afford it, don’t do it.

Leave your worries by the waterside and jump on that boat; it’s a one in a lifetime opportunity.

Breathe in fresh air, forget about your worries, enjoy the beauty of life and have fun!!

fun things to do during Christmas

4. Attend a music concert:

When last did you attend a music concert? Did you say last year?

I’m not talking about the Christmas carols that are sung in the church.

I’m talking about driving all the way into town, buying tickets, sitting down with popcorn and listening to music that uplifts your soul and gives you a reason to live despite your challenges.

When last did you do that?  It’s been ages right? You need to do that again. Seriously!

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5. Go on a tour:

I know you want to start complaining about the recession but hey, you don’t do stuff like this everyday.

The basic things you do for fun include going out to dinner, buying French fries and ice cream, shopping for groceries, watching a movie at home and stuff like that.

Come on! Give something else a try! Leave your comfort zone and go on a tour with your family. Don’t forget to take photos. I would love to see them!

6. Watch a movie at the cinema:

The first time I watched Fast and Furious 8 at the Cinema, I was completely blown away. It was awesome! You should try it this Christmas.

Visit the Cinema on boxing day with your family and watch a fantastic movie. I bet you would go home smiling and feeling refreshed.

7. Go swimming:

The last time I swam, I was 12 years old. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have an answer to that.

I plan swimming this Christmas no matter how cold it gets. It is a must for me! I think you should try it too.

fun things to do during Christmas

Just put on something comfortable like shorts and a t-shirt or something. Go to a swimming pool near you and have fun!

If the weather is freezing, please stay indoors and play games with your family instead. You can also go skiing or hikng if you prefer.

8. Visit an orphanage:

Most people see Valentine’s day as a day to show love but I think we should try to show love to one another everyday.

As you celebrate Christmas with your family, remember to visit those children who don’t have families to celebrate with.

Be their family and celebrate with them. Help them forget their sorrows for a moment.

Buy gifts and groceries for them, take pictures with them and put a smile on their faces.

9. Do something special for your loved ones:

I know some couples don’t buy gifts for each other except it’s their birthday or Valentine’s day.

What about Christmas? Is it not worthy celebrating with your spouse and your loved ones? Of course it is.

Do something special for your loved ones this season. Buy them gifts, take them shopping and give them a special treat. Make this holiday unforgettable for them.

10. Host a party at home:

For those of you who may have forgotten how to get your groove on, host a party for a small group of friends.

Maybe you think you are too old to party but I don’t think so. Everyone deserves to have fun once in a while.

If you don’t feel like hosting a party, find a nice club, go with your spouse, dance and have loads of fun.

You can invite other couples to join you. Let it be like a couples retreat for you all. Get your groove on!

fun things to do during Christmas

11. Spend quality time with your family:

If you are not up for any of the other fun things listed above then you must do this one.

You can’t just pave through the Christmas season without doing anything fun. You’re alive; be grateful for that!

I can’t count how many deaths were announced this year alone; let’s be thankful for the gift of life.

Show how appreciative you are by celebrating Christmas with your family. You know how busy and crazy life has been throughout the year.

This is the only time you have to spend quality time with your family; don’t throw it away. Find fun things to do with your family at home.

You can play board games or card games, build a snowman and maybe even go ice skating. Be creative!

I know you have some fun ideas of your own. You don’t necessarily have to do everything on my list.

Just choose the ones you think you are up for and have fun doing them. Don’t stress over anything this holiday.

This is a season of being thankful and grateful for everything. Embrace the season of love, happiness and unity.

Don’t spend the Christmas holiday alone; remember to share it with someone.


What fun things are you going to do this holiday?


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