10 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Set

Relationship goals

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It’s a brand new year for moving forward and accomplishing great things.

It’s time to finally set some serious relationship goals and achieve them.

You’ve been working tirelessly on your career while your relationship was on the back burner falling apart. Not anymore!

It’s time to finally take charge of your relationship and accomplish those awesome goals you’ve been dreaming of.

Have you set your relationship goals yet?

If you have, I want you to adjust them and include the ones I’m going to list below because they are all important to the growth of your relationship.


Relationship goals

#1 Be more passionate in bed

This is the number one relationship goal every couple should set this year. Why?

Because a lack of intimacy is one of the major reasons couples fight and break up.

One person needs more intimacy and the other person is always too tired for it. It has to stop this year!

Couples need to make love regularly in order to stay together. Lovemaking is a vital part of every romantic relationship.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your intimate life, I advise you to schedule romantic encounters to help maintain a healthy relationship.

If you’re always too tired or not in the mood for romance, there is a high chance you have a low desire for intimacy and you need to work on it.

If you experience pain while making love, try engaging in more romance before taking the next step.

You might also need to try out new positions and always communicate your needs to your partner.

If you find a certain position uncomfortable or painful, discuss it with your partner.

Don’t pretend to like it when you don’t. It’s not going to help your relationship.

If you want to be irresistible to your man, you have to learn how to make your partner happy in bed.

Engage in romance often and try to make the first move once in a while.

10 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Set This Year

#2 Organize your finances

Finances are among the top reasons why relationships fail because couples refuse to talk about money and expect their financial problems to go away just like that.

This year, your second goal should be to talk about money and organize your finances a couple.

Ruth Soukup from livingwellspendingless.com advises couples to always stick to a budget.

She created the Living Well Planner to help people organize their finances and their lives in general.

If you find it difficult preparing and sticking to a budget, this financial planner would be extremely helpful.

If you want to organize your finances, you have to start talking about money, bills, and savings together as a couple.

You have to set a reasonable budget and stick to it together.

Lastly, you have to watch your spending habits. You don’t need multiple colors of the same shirt or handbag.

Put your finances in order now so you can be financially secure with more than enough money for your family.

Imagine what your life would be like a year from now if you start budgeting.

You’ll have a lot of money saved, and probably invested. You won’t have to worry about money to buy groceries and you will have peace of mind.

10 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Set This Year


#3 Watch your weight

Weight is another concern for a lot of people. It’s easy to add weight but shedding it isn’t so easy.

If you’ve been struggling to burn belly fat, the Red Tea Detox is the best program for you.

It was created by Liz Swann Miller to help you burn fat effortlessly without dieting or exercising.

If you want to watch your weight without losing your soul, start eating healthy, get rid of junk food and enroll for the 28 Day Keto Challenge.

You can also try cooking your meals at home instead of eating out all the time.

Set aside weekends for cooking and store the food in a refrigerator.

It would be much easier than struggling to prepare a home-cooked meal every day you get back from work.

If you like the idea of going to the gym but can’t seem to find the time, sign up for the Yoga Burn Workout Challenge.

You don’t need to go to a gym to achieve massive results; all workout routines can be done at home at your own pace.

Let your weight be your priority this year! Having the right weight will help you stay healthy.

Relationship goals

#4 Communicate better

Communication is the backbone of every successful relationship. When you communicate, you let your partner know what you want and need.

When you express your feelings freely, you give your relationship a chance to succeed.

Don’t let your partner make unnecessary and crazy assumptions.

This year, make a resolution to always talk to your partner and communicate exactly how you feel.

If you don’t like something your partner is doing, let him know about it.

If you feel unhappy or depressed, let your partner be the first to know.

If you’re contemplating a career change, talk about it with your partner.

Talk about finances, intimacy, career and daily activities with your partner.

If you always struggle to bring up topics to discuss with your partner, these Conversation Starters will help you communicate effortlessly.

#5 Spend quality time together

Couples who spend quality time together are generally closer and tend to stay together for the long haul.

Don’t let your career, work or kids get in the way of spending time with your spouse. No matter how busy you are, make out time to be with your partner alone.

Don’t just leave it to chance or fate, try to schedule your time so you can fix days for “couple time”.

If you always run out of what to do when you’re alone with your partner, I recommend these games for couples to help you enjoy your time together as a couple.

If you’re not into games, choose classy movies you can watch together.

10 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Set This Year

#6 Stay together

If every couple makes it a goal to stick together, nothing is going to tear them apart.

This year, make it a priority to stay with your spouse no matter what happens.

Admit that fights, quarrels, and disagreements will surely happen. They are inevitable.

Don’t avoid them; acknowledge them and be ready to fight them all.

It’s not about being perfect; it’s all about knowing that you’re imperfect and willing to face your demons when they come.

As long as you love partner, you have to keep fighting to stay together.

No relationship is perfect; we are all fighting battles every day. All that matters is that we fight honorably and come out as winners.

There are always going to be problems. Don’t let them tear your relationship apart; conquer them all.

Make it a priority to stay together for the long haul no matter the obstacles you face.

Don’t give up on your spouse. Don’t give up on your relationship. But most importantly, don’t give up on yourself.

#7 Give each other space

Now because I said you should stay together, it doesn’t mean you should become clingy and follow your partner everywhere.

Learn to give your partner space when needed so he can sort some things out by himself.

If your partner needs to work on something alone, let him do it without distractions. Don’t force yourself to get involved.

Have your own hobbies to keep you preoccupied when your spouse is busy.

Let him do his thing while you do your thing but don’t go overboard with the whole space giving though.

You should still find time to connect and bond with your partner. In fact, it’s compulsory to keep the love alive.

I find weekends the best time to cuddle and reconnect with my partner.

Weekdays are always so busy and stressful; it could get difficult trying to bond with your partner.

If you and your partner tend to be extremely busy during weekdays, spend your weekends together playing games, watching movies or just relaxing.

10 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Set This Year

#8 Respect each other

Respect is one of the foundational blocks in every relationship.

If there is no mutual respect, there won’t be trust. If there is no trust, there won’t be love.

Your relationship will be non-existent without respect and trust.

This year make it a priority to respect your partner no matter the circumstances.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the one calling the shots financially; you have to respect your partner. Don’t treat your partner like filth and expect love.

Don’t embarrass him in front of his friends and expect loyalty. Don’t insult your partner in front of the kids and expect to be treated with respect.

Respect is reciprocal! If you want your partner to respect and trust you, you have to be willing to show him respect first. It’s a two-way street!

Relationship goals

#9 Be honest and transparent

Don’t give your partner room to be suspicious of you. Be honest and transparent this year. Let your actions show what your words say.

If you say you love your partner, don’t lie to him. If you claim you can’t live without your partner, don’t keep secrets from him.

Let your partner know how you truly feel at any given time. Don’t leave him confused and guessing.

Make it a goal, to be honest with your partner and your relationship.

Don’t lock your phone and laptop with a password that your spouse doesn’t know.

If you’re locking your phone for security reasons, give your partner the password. That’s what being honest and transparent truly means.

When you lock your phone and you don’t give your partner access to it, you start breeding jealousy and distrust. You can prevent all of that by being transparent!

#10 Be faithful

If every couple set this as their number one relationship goal, there won’t be a high rate of divorce today.

If every person vowed to be faithful and actually followed through with it, the world would be a better place.

So, make faithfulness one of your relationship goals this year.

Tell yourself you won’t cheat on your partner. Look into your partner’s eyes and tell him you will be faithful to him.

Do you know how many problems you’re going to avoid just by doing that? Your partner will no longer be jealous or suspicious of you.

He won’t need to go through your call logs or scroll through your text messages because you’ve promised to be faithful.

It’s a life-changing goal and I want you to set it as one of your relationship goals this year. Don’t be a cheater.

Cheating is not allowed this year. Be faithful and watch how transformed your relationship will be.


These are the 10 most important relationship goals every couple needs to set and achieve this year.

If we all accomplish these goals, our relationships will be happier and healthier.

It doesn’t really take much from you; you just have to be willing to follow through with it.

If you want to improve your love life, all of the above are great goals, but there’s a big problem with them, and it’s the #1 reason why most couples fail to achieve a happy and lasting relationship.

This list of goals are not all you need to build a truly successful relationship.

There are actually 18 other important elements and I discuss them in detail in my step-by-step course, The Irresistible Diva.

If your goal is to have a secure relationship where you don’t have to worry about your partner cheating on you or leaving you for another woman, then you need to focus on all the elements to get the relationship you really desire.

I hope you will take your relationship seriously this year?

I look forward to seeing your relationship in a great state this year and beyond.


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