12 Things To Remember In A Relationship During Hard Times

12 Things To Remember In A Romantic Relationship

Are you in a new relationship or a serious relationship with someone special?

Do you have any relationship reminders that you refer to often?

I know you think that if you’re with the right person, you won’t encounter any relationship problems, but even couples in the best relationships fight from time to time.

The reality is, people change especially when they’re having a bad day or going through tough times. 

If you want to come out stronger, you need to have a list of important things to remember in a relationship when life becomes difficult or boring.

All relationships go through different stages over a period of time and there are certain things couples need to remember to help them survive every stage.

The early stages of a relationship are usually fun for most couples because this is the honeymoon stage where everything seems rosy and exciting.

At the beginning of a relationship, you’re not really concerned about relationship reminders or relationship rules to remember because you don’t need them yet.

You’re busy trying to impress each other that you don’t notice your flaws and weaknesses or the little red flags that pop up occasionally.

But once you begin to settle into a committed relationship, you’ll realize that things are not as exciting as they seem all the time.

12 Things To Remember In A Romantic Relationship

This is the stage where some couples break up and go their separate ways instead of sticking it out with each other and making their relationship work.

If you’re currently going through this stage, don’t give up as long as you still love each other.

One of the best things couples need to remember to do is to stay and fight for their love because it’s totally worth it.

True love is not easy to find and if you’ve found someone who means the world to you, it’s a good idea to focus on building a long-term relationship with them.

Romantic relationships are hard to maintain and no relationship is perfect no matter how wonderful it seems from the outside.

If you’re wondering what makes a good relationship or the most important things to remember in a serious relationship, you’ll find out in this post.

The truth is, a successful relationship doesn’t happen overnight.

It involves following healthy relationship rules, doing the right things and being willing to fight for your love no matter what it takes.

There are going to be times when you feel like you can’t go on and you just want to quit your relationship.

In those tough times, it’s important to consider these 12 relationship reminders to keep you going.

Here are some things couples need to remember in a relationship:


12 Things To Remember In A Romantic Relationship

1. Your partner is not your opponent

When couples fight, it can get really nasty because of uncontrollable anger and someone might end up saying something really hurtful to the other person.

In times like this, you have to remember that your partner is not your opponent.

He’s not deliberately trying to hurt you or put you down so it’s important to fight fair.

Instead of raising your voices at each other and using your partner’s flaws to insult them, find viable solutions to your problems where everyone can come out as a winner.

Always work together as a team because that’s what you are.

Being a couple means you get to share your sorrows, celebrate your victories and work on problems together.

This is one of the first things to remember in a relationship if you want to stay together.

Instead of tearing your partner down, be a good teammate and a best friend during the dark moments of life.

Couples in serious relationships and married couples need to remember this to help them resolve conflicts faster.

2. Communication is important

Do you know that communication is the backbone of every healthy relationship?

It’s true that the foundation of a healthy relationship is good communication and it’s important for you to have the right communication skills.

Couples who enjoy a lasting relationship are often the ones who communicate effectively with each other.

Remember to share your feelings with your partner and bring each other up to date on your daily activities.

This is the key to communicating well with your partner and being on the same page.

You don’t need to wait until you have big news to share before you talk to each other on a daily basis.

When you talk about the little insignificant things, it would be easier to talk about bigger things.

If you often run out of deep conversation topics to discuss with your partner, use these 250 Great Conversation Starters to improve your communication.

The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is to always remember to communicate with each other no matter how you’re feeling.

Most couples fall apart when they refuse to talk to each other after a fight.

This often leads to anger, resentment and unresolved conflicts in the relationship.

If you want to avoid feeling resentful towards your partner, try to discuss everything with each other and find a solution to your problems together.

Always remember to choose the right time for serious discussions and don’t forget to use the right words to pass your message across.

Sometimes all you can do to avoid a fight with your partner is to watch the tone of your voice and your body language when you speak.

3. Be honest and transparent in everything

If you want to build a happy relationship with your partner, honesty and transparency should be among your top 5 relationship goals.

When a couple builds a relationship on lies, deceit and secrets, it will crumble like a stack of cards.

Couples who endure until the end are the ones who are honest, open and transparent with each other in everything they do.

When you’re tempted to tell a little white lie to your partner, remember the bad consequences it will bring to your relationship if the truth finally comes out.

One of the fastest ways to hurt your partner and lose their trust is to lie or hide important details from them.

Don’t ever lie to your partner no matter how insignificant it seems.

Most times, telling the truth will set you free and even make you a better person.

Be honest in everything you do, always tell the truth and encourage your partner to be transparent with you too.

This is the best way to become best friends with each other and any relationship that is built on friendship always succeeds.

12 Things To Remember In A Romantic Relationship

4. Always listen before you respond

How many times have you said something hurtful during an argument and ended up regretting your words?

This happens almost every time if couples don’t fight fair. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget how much you love each other and say things you don’t mean.

You can totally avoid this if you learn to listen before you respond.

Don’t be in a haste to share your own point of view or to offer solutions.

A lot of people come up with defense mechanisms that they use when they get into an argument and everyone tries to prove how right they are without even listening to each other.

You need to remember that communication is a two-way street where everyone gets a good chance to express their feelings and be understood even if they have different opinions.

Make sure you understand what your partner is saying, ask relevant questions to understand better before giving your own opinions or suggestions.

If you always remember to listen more, you’ll avoid getting into nasty arguments that could turn ugly and you’ll also avoid hurting your partner with your words.

Listening properly is one of the best relationship reminders every couple needs to know in order to build a healthy and happy relationship.

When you listen attentively to your partner, you give them a platform to express themselves fully and this will enable you understand each other better.

One thing I have noticed in unhappy relationships is a defensive attitude when it comes to communicating. 

Couples who are ready with excuses, facts and verbal insults even before listening will destroy any form of peace that would have been established.

Don’t get into an argument with your partner with answers or excuses. Just hear them out first and really understand their own point of view.

When you get into a fight, remember to listen to what your partner has to say and try to respond with gentle words instead of accusations.

Proper communication is one of the most important things to remember in a relationship even if you’ve been together for a long time.

250 Conversation Starters For Couples

5. Use your love languages often

Do you know how your partner wants to be loved? Does your partner know how you want to be loved?

How often do you remember to use your love languages?

As a couple, there are lots of things to do together and so many things to remember in a relationship.

But you need to have a list of important relationship reminders so you don’t forget to do them regularly.

Knowing and using your love languages is a great way to improve your relationship with your partner.

Create a schedule that involves using your love languages at least once a day. This can help you stay emotionally connected to each other.

When your partner is unhappy, do something they love and try your best to express your love in a way they understand instead of nagging or complaining about their mood swings.

You can make them feel loved by sending them sweet text messages when you’re apart or dropping romantic love notes in unexpected places for them to find.

If you’re in a new relationship or a long distance relationship, it may be difficult to understand your love languages but with time, you’ll learn how to make a relationship last until marriage.

6. Schedule date nights regularly

Date nights are an important aspect of every romantic relationship and they shouldn’t be skipped or cancelled unless if necessary.

The only way couples can truly bond with each other is if they make date nights intentional.

Instead of just letting things happen to you all the time, try to plan ahead and schedule date nights regularly so you don’t forget to spend quality time with each other.

Every couple needs to remember to organize date nights at least once a week. Don’t skip date nights unless it’s unavoidable.

Couples who work barely have time to spend together and if they forget to plan date nights, they’ll end up not connecting with each other after a long period of time.

Don’t push date nights to the back burner because of work or other stuff you’re engaged in.

Make it a priority to enjoy a night of love, laughter and romance every weekend if you can. It doesn’t have to be expensive if you can’t afford it.

Try cheap romantic date ideas at home that won’t break the bank but will still enable you to have fun and connect with each other.

Remember to give each other full attention on your date night and remove all distractions that can prevent you from enjoying a deeper intimacy.

Switch off your cell phone or leave them at home so you can focus on having a great time together as a couple.

In an intimate relationship, spending time with your partner is an important activity that shouldn’t be overlooked no matter how long you’ve been together.

Even if you have young children, try to prioritize alone time and always find the right moment to reconnect with each other.

12 Things To Remember In A Romantic Relationship

7. Remember to laugh together

Laughter is good for your soul and it’s also good for your relationship.

Being too serious and uptight all the time can make a relationship become boring or monotonous.

Every couple needs to remember to laugh with each other and do fun things together.

Life can sometimes become hard or difficult for you as a couple and you may begin to wonder if you chose the right partner.

When you start having such thoughts, this is a sign that you need more laughter and excitement in your relationship.

What can you do to add more laughter to your relationship? Do what you both enjoy and love.

What made you laugh in the early stages of dating? Do you remember the good times you had together?

Recreate those experiences and bring back those fun moments again.

You can also watch comedy movies, have a tickle fight or take turns asking each other funny would you rather questions.

Laughter is one of the relationship reminders every couple needs to know because it’s easy to get overwhelmed with too much work, taking care of kids and lots of unending bills.

Remember to engage in fun activities for couples regularly to help you bond with each other.

8. Make intimacy a priority

Lack of intimacy often leads to a loveless relationship and when a relationship is loveless, it loses its essence.

If you want to enjoy a lifetime of passion and romance, make intimacy a priority in your current relationship.

Intimacy doesn’t have to be all about lovemaking or intercourse.

It can be as simple as taking a shower together, cuddling in bed, playing naughty adult games and touching each other gently.

Physical touch can be a great way to increase intimacy even if it doesn’t involve intercourse.

To get rid of monotony in your relationship, engage in romantic activities for couples as often as you can.

Try different things in the bedroom to rekindle your romance and keep the passion burning in your relationship.

The 365 Days Of Romance Ebook will give you a full year of romantic activities you can do with your partner.

9. Remember to do the little things

Some important things to remember as a couple are often the little things that seem insignificant in your relationship.

As your relationship grows, you may forget to do the little things that really matter because life happens.

People get busy or carried away with other important stuff that take up their time and they stop trying to impress their partner with small gestures that show real love.

When things get really busy, remember to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Examples of little things to remember in a relationship include holding hands while walking, sharing a passionate kiss, cooking dinner together, washing each other’s hair and hugging your partner.

These are some of the important things couples need to remember to do often in a relationship.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money into having fun. Do the little things often to keep your relationship healthy and happy.

Don’t stop doing the nice things for each other even when you quarrel because they are necessary to keep your love life strong and active.

12 Things To Remember In A Romantic Relationship

10. Don’t stay angry at each other for a long time

One of the best things to remember in a relationship is settling conflicts whenever they arise.

Being in a healthy relationship doesn’t mean you won’t fight or argue. That’s unrealistic!

In fact, if you really care about each other, you’re definitely going to disagree on some matters.

The secret to staying happy as a couple is to work on any relationship resentments that occur after a fight.

Instead of staying angry at your partner and secretly resenting them, be willing to resolve all your conflicts at the end of the day.

Don’t go to bed angry at each other because problems that are left unsolved usually come back as bigger issues.

It’s okay to be upset or angry about something your partner said or something they did but you need to remember to settle your scores amicably.

Give each other the mutual respect you both deserve and act in a respectable manner even if you’re fighting.

If your goal is to have a great relationship, don’t stay angry at each other for a long time and remember to always forgive and forget.

Don’t keep grudges with each other and don’t bring back issues from the past that have already been settled.

Letting go is one of the best things to remember in a relationship especially after a fight.

11. Don’t ever compare your partner or your relationship

The key to being happy in a relationship is to be satisfied with what you have as a couple.

Everyone is different and if you’re able to build something lovely with your partner, that should be enough for both of you.

As long as you’re loving each other fiercely, communicating with each other, supporting one another, and making love passionately, your relationship is already successful.

In an unhealthy relationship, couples look for the slightest reasons to fight or complain about all the things that are not going well instead of working on solutions together.

Don’t find reasons to complain about your partner or your relationship. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

The worst thing you can do to yourself, your partner and your relationship is to compare.

Once you do this, you’ll begin to create feelings of insecurity, jealousy and unhappiness.

Don’t ever compare your partner or your relationship because you are on a different journey.

Even though you think that your previous partners were better at doing something than your current partner, don’t be tempted to compare.

Enjoy your relationship and look for different ways to improve it, instead of pointing out every little thing that is not going well.

Life is not a bed of roses and so is your relationship.

You’re definitely going to experience ups and downs as a couple, but the best you can do is embrace the joyful moments and let go of the unhappy ones.

This is one of the relationship reminders that should always be at the back of your mind because the temptation to compare will surely come.

It’s up to you to rise above it and accept your partner for who they really are instead of trying to change them.

12. Don’t stop dating each other

Do you remember the early days of your relationship? It was so easy to love each other and talk for hours without getting bored.

Those are the honeymoon stages and they won’t last forever.

Once your relationship starts getting serious, you’re going to see some flaws and imperfections in your partner.

You may also experience the ebbs and flows of passion. In all of this, remind yourself to date your partner.

Don’t stop doing all the fun things you used to do together as a couple.

Engage in bonding activities for couples that can help to keep the passion alive.

Organize outdoor picnics for two, watch the sunset together, take long walks in beautiful gardens, and stargaze on a roof top.

You can also exchange thoughtful gifts with each other for no reason.

These are some examples of things you can do with your partner.

Keep a list of unique gift ideas to exchange and fun things to remember in a relationship as a couple so you can do them whenever you get bored.

12 Things To Remember In A Romantic Relationship

What are the most important things to remember in a relationship? And what can you do to not forget them?

If you tend to be forgetful, you can keep a bullet journal where you write your good relationship list and relationship rules to remember.

Writing or journaling can be a good way to remind yourself of important things you don’t want to forget.

Whether you’re in a new relationship, serious relationship or long distance relationship, there are things to always remember in a relationship.

After reading this detailed article, it’s up to you to try your best and keep a list of things to do in a relationship to make it better.

I’ve given you a list of things every couple needs to remember in a relationship.

Do you often remember to do these things regularly?

These relationship reminders are important if you want to have a great relationship with someone special.

Don’t forget to visit them often as your relationship grows and always remember to do them as a couple.

This is how to remember to do things in your relationship so you can keep the spark alive.

These things won’t happen by themselves. You need to remember them often as you continue to build your relationship with your partner.



Q1. What is the hardest time in a relationship?

The most difficult time in a relationship is when you’re emotionally disconnected from each other and you don’t know how to reconnect or fall back in love.

Q2. What do you remember in hard times?

The first thing to remember when you’re struggling in your relationship is that all relationships go through difficult times and your case is not unique. 

Q3. How do you get over hard times in a relationship?

When you’re going through a rough patch, it may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but that’s not often true.

All you need to do is stay positive, get quality relationship advice if you can and work with your partner to overcome the hard times.

Q4. What’s the best relationship advice you can give to couples who compare?

Comparing your partner or your relationship is never a good idea.

You’ll only end up bitter, resentful and unsatisfied with your relationship.

Instead of looking at what others have, focus on building a strong relationship.


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